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Hulls U90 heavy holidays

Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
Date22/12/2012 12 PM
RegionNorth East
LocationVulcan Training Centre, Unit 2, Oak Road, Clough Road, Hull
PostcodeHU6 7PS
WebsiteNone given
Submitted ByBoar
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Competition Information
Event: Hull's U90 heavy holidays
Venue: Vulcan Training Centre, Unit 2, Oak Road, Clough Road, Hull HU6 7PS
Date: Saturday 22 December 2012
Start time: 12.30pm: (Athletes must sign in by 12pm)


1: Max Deadlift (180kg, 200kg, 220kg, 240kg, 260kg, 280kg, 300kg, 10kg Jumps 30s each lift - no straps allowed)

2: Overhead Medley (70kg Keg, 90kg Log, 90kg Axle, 53kg Circus DB, 75s limit)
Lighter option (to be decided)

3: Arm Over Arm (180kg Prowler 20m, 75s limit)

4: Farmers Walk/Duck Walk (100kg Farmers 20m - 140kg Duck Walk 15m, 75s limit)

5: Loading (80kg Sandbag over 48" Yoke, 40s limit) ****I think this should be a stone, for easyness and quickness*****

These events maybe subject to change.

Competitors (full list) COMP IS FULL

Sam (spam_up)
Jack Revans
Paul (fctilidie)
Paul Dudley (Paul D)
Owen Lockwood (Owen L)
Drew J
Nick Kirkwood (kirkynick)
Andy Coupe
Dom Redshaw
Rajan Singh Panesar (RSP)
Simon Dunn (Slimsim)
Dave (Oxman)
Dan 302
Stu (mrbiege)
Owen no2 - maybe
Rodger Herd - maybe

Tackys not that hard to get off if you use actual tacky (not hair wax like we sometimes use), bring some WD40 or baby oil, and a rag. Oh and tape your arms up. Just saying

This thread is mainly to save Kirkynicks journal. Its NOT a serious comp. Take it serious if you wish though (i know i will be because thats what im like )

Please discuss

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Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
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