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Welcoming booost Oxygen - Portable Oxygen Performance

2nd October 2013 - Posted by Rob We are pleased to welcome our friends at booost oxygen - Handheld portable oxygen performance tanks that are designed to 'get you through the wall'.

A published paper by 2 British PHD scientists reviewing 22 studies concluded that hyperoxia improves exercise performance by, on average +18.7% - booost oxygen aims to replicate hyperoxia.

Eddie Hall, Daz Ball, Rene Campbell, Graham Hicks, Neale Cranwell and many other respected strongmen and bodybuilders use booost to recover from one set quicker and hit the next set harder.

booost oxygen is 99.5% pure oxygen with natural peppermint flavouring, has a money back guarantee and contains no calories, sugar or caffeine.

Exclusive: Sugden Barbell members will receive an extra free tank when they buy 3 Supertanks during 2013, by just quoting 'sugden' when you order.
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