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IPF Ban Metal, Craine and APT Equipment

5th February 2010 - Posted by Rob PL Watch notes that The International Powerlifting Federation are to ban the use of Metal, Craine and APT equipment in all of its meets. APT gear will be banned from Monday 8th February, with all Metal and Craine gear to be banned from the 30th of June.

Many lifters have equipment from these companies, including expensive squat suits, deadlift suits, bench shirts and wraps, which is sure to prove a financial blow and possibly even put people off competing.

The IPF have cited the failure of these companies to pay a yearly license fee which is over $13,000 as the reason behind the ban. View the IPF Approved Equipment List for full details.

This news comes on the back of Sugden Barbell's latest poll - "Does equipment hold powerlifting back?" - with the majority of members voting yes.
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