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ICON Nutrition join Sugden Barbell

23rd April 2014 - Posted by Rob ICON Nutrition, a clean evidence-based sports nutrition company located in East Yorkshire UK, have now joined Sugden Barbell. ICON Nutrition support a number of athletes within the weightlifting, strongman and crossfit disciplines.

ICON Nutrition was founded back in 2012 and have grown steadily since this time at the pace of their customers’ praise. They have a small but highly respected product portfolio covering performance in sport, muscle recovery, inflammatory reduction, and immune system support.

ICON also manufacture Battle Oats, an all natural high protein bar fortified with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

With a combined 45,000+ strong social media presence ICON Nutrition has established itself as a community fostering brand. You can follow them here on twitter, facebook and instagram.

DISCOUNT: Sugden Barbell members will receive a 10% discount on any order at during 2014 quoting the following code at checkout: SUGDEN (in all CAPS).
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