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Felix set for IPF Powerlifting Debut

1st December 2009 - Posted by Rob World's Strongest Man competitor Mark Felix is set to make his powerlifting debut this Sunday at Intershape Gym in Lancashire during the GPBF North West Powerlifting Championships.

This event is the region's most important annual competition, with a strong standard of lifting throughout the weight classes.

There has been a lot of talk about the numbers that Felix will be aiming for, but the word from Adlington is that the total is likely to come in the 800-900 region. Whilst Felix is capable of more, this is his first powerlifting competition and he will have to adhere to the strict rules.

If you're interested in witnessing one of the world's strongest men post a massive total, including what will almost certainly be the biggest deadlift seen in powerlifting in the North West, then view the details for the competition and come along on Sunday.
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