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TomHibbertIconOnline Personal Training (Winning Health Solutions)07-08-2015 @ 14:20 
Are you winning ?
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Post Edited: 08.08.2015 @ 18:17 PM by TomHibbert
Just like to introduce myself and explain more about our Online Personal Training option and agreement with Sugden Barbell

My name is Tom Hibbert & I own Winning Health Solutions in Southampton. At my Personal Training only facility we have been training various clients for over 6 years, including many strength athletes.

Helping more people is always the aim and our Online Personal Training option allows us to offer a cost effective option, but still with a high quality of guidance, to those that might not live within training distance.

Who's this for?

- Those that don't live near to our Southampton facility but want expert guidance towards helping achieve their health & fitness goal
- Those that want the latest in advice regarding training, nutrition & supplementation
- Anyone that appreciates a tailor made approach for them instead of a 'one size fits all' program

What's included?

- Training program tailored made for you & the equipment you have access to
- 1 consult via Skype/phone/face to face every month
- Continuous E-mail support

If you contact me on here by Private Message or e-mail, I will be happy to offer any Sugden Barbell member a 10% discount on our Online PT service.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post!

Prices can be found through this link:
shortandmightyIcon...07-08-2015 @ 20:46 
Aiming for a 250 squat by the end of 2012
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I can highly recommend Tom's online PT service, he wrote a program for me that helped me 2nd place at this years Scotlands Strongest Man u90kg and 1st Place at Scotlands Natural Strongest Man u105kg. He really knows his stuff, and I've heard he's alright at this strongman thing too😀
ForbyIcon...07-08-2015 @ 21:37 
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I would also like to recommend Tom Hibbert.

My Name is Lee Forbister; some of you will know who I amů I have been working with Tom since the recovery of my hand operations.

I can tell you from firsthand experience I am very impressed with the amount of knowledge Tom has and his love for the sport of Strongman. In only a matter of weeks I have learnt plenty of things that will help me get to where I want to be, from the program he has designed pacifically for me, to nutrition and supplementation.

Anyone who is new to lifting and interested in getting stronger without wasting years in the gym, contact Tom and you will be pleasantly surprised with the progress you will make, he will help you with every aspect of what it takes to go from a regular gym member to competing in your first strongman competition. If you already compete he will get the best out of you and take you to that next level.

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone interested in his services and you will not be disappointed.
boldylocksIcon...08-08-2015 @ 09:20 
Englands Strongest Southerner
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Most guys here will think they know enough to get by in strength sports. I, myself had already had success in powerlifting and strongman personally on a national and international level. I also work as an S&C coach training international athletes and teams. But I'm quite happy to admit my levels of knowledge do not cover everything I need to be as good as I want to be.... And I want to be better!
I've worked alongside Tom for a few years now, and continued success is pretty satisfying.

The staff down there are knowledgeable, and for every problem in your training you'll find a solution there.

From my own personal experience....

A shoulder problem that would have had me drop out of comp, was fixed in one session. This allowed me to take a WPF world title.

Custom made pre workout stack that is better than anything I'd ever tried. This helped me on route to a SCL victory

Completely revised supplement protocol due to a deficiency I wouldn't have discovered by myself, through a WHS link, which took me from being constantly fatigued to enabling me to train as I wish. This also put 10kg on my overhead in a week.

It's worth a go...

Arram Eghoyan (u90kg Strongman)
darryn_wrightIcon...08-08-2015 @ 12:01 
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I've just started under toms guidance to help with my prep for brits under 105s and a under 90s record day. But really looking forward to what he can help me achieve next year! I would
recommend getting PT from tom Happy
DeanW92Icon...08-08-2015 @ 18:13 
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SQ 240, BP 200, DL 300
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Is it possible to post some rough figures for your services?

Think this is something i might consider soon as im convinced that i can get alot stronger and that i must be doing something wrong lol.
TomHibbertIcon...13-08-2015 @ 07:33 
Are you winning ?
Member 2482, 580 posts

It has taken Aaron 3 years to go from a 100kg Log Clean & Press to 200kg. The 100kg log was his first session and as you can see he was very 'raw'!

Where will he be in 3 years?
AMH_PowerIcon...13-08-2015 @ 11:10 
Cowards compromise
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I have never met Tom, but the people I know that have used his services speak highly of him and regard him as excellent....but more importantly, he produces results.
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