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North west mini meet... in Birmingham

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little_aIconNorth west mini meet... in Birmingham04-02-2007 @ 20:51 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
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OK lads. Here we go. As most of you know, the countries most lovable fat dude is entering his first ever British championship on the 1st April, and, although this day promises to be gargantuan by any proportion, the point of the post is the evening of the 31st March.
I have arranged chaparoning through some of the Black Countries niftiest spots by one of the locals. So we have WIGAN, BOAR, myself, JOE the T up to now. Check your diaries and clear your diaries. It's one weekend for Pete's sakeWink Literally. Anyone who can't make it please provide a better excuse than "waiting for shopping" or something to that effect.

Get your name down to get downGrin
BoarIcon...04-02-2007 @ 21:11 
Walk your talk
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yay !!how many fit into a room little A ?

if anyone can find time, i urge you to come, i havnt really drunk anything for 15 months, so its gonna be fun.
purplepaulIcon...05-02-2007 @ 01:58 
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i will put it to the boss
CuddlesIcon...05-02-2007 @ 14:52 
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Glastonbury tickets go on sale April 1st. As long as I can get that sorted then i'll be well up for that.
little_aIcon...05-02-2007 @ 19:28 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
Member 43, 14374 posts
Post Edited: 05.02.2007 @ 19:33 PM
Originally posted by Boar...
yay !!how many fit into a room little A ?
We don't normally like to pay more than a fiver each. Think the rooms are normally about 50 notes for a double. - double my arseGrin
TonyIcon...05-02-2007 @ 19:38 
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I recieved a kind invitation to this do from the Boarsome one. I however will have to decline the offer. Work and family commitments I'm afraid have to take priority. I hope all who go have a good night and wish Pete all the best for his comp.
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