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Mess About Comp Promo Vid

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SuperSteel101IconMess About Comp Promo Vid29-10-2009 @ 23:58 
over 1000 posts and still no tagline
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Post Edited: 30.10.2009 @ 14:41 PM by Boar
I posted this on my training journal, but figured this might be a more appropriate place to put it as I'm not sure how many peeps actually read that lol ...

Quite a few friends of mine are starting to get interested in powerlifting and have started training for it, to give them something to focus their training towards we figured we would have a small mess about comp in the gym amongst ourselves. I thought I'd put together a wee comedy promo video for it for a laugh. We're calling it a comp for a giggle, but like I say it's really just an extended trianing session amongst friends.

Enjoy ...

facebook video
EDCLARKEIcon...30-10-2009 @ 07:41 
not particularly well educated
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good vid that mate,particularly spectacular hair on one of your mates!
fatter_tomorrowIcon...30-10-2009 @ 12:10 
thinner after lockdown
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i laughed so hard all the way through!
BoarIcon...30-10-2009 @ 14:33 
Walk your talk
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good vid !!

excellent good morning from the big dude
PAGANIcon...30-10-2009 @ 15:25 
I took about 4 out of Sooty's bottom
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'Shower of t**ts' ! Grin

f**king nice gym matey.
ThingIcon...30-10-2009 @ 15:35 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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nice gym, cracking Good Morning and WTF is the deal with the hair and the shades
Ben_Tricky_BurgessIcon...30-10-2009 @ 19:03 
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Boar said:good vid !!

excellent good morning from the big dude

The big dude has an awesome rack.
SuperSteel101Icon...30-10-2009 @ 19:48 
over 1000 posts and still no tagline
Member 865, 1370 posts
SQ 200, BP 155, DL 250
605.0 kgs @ 80.6kgs UnEq
Cheers guys was fun making it and we all had a good laugh about it, seems to have gone over very well with a wide range of people lol!

Yeah it's a nice wee gym we have, just got new elieko plates too which are ace.

As for the hair there's quite a few dodgy hair styles kicking about with us lot, though I can't really talk cause I just shave mine all off lol.

I noticed a fair few comments about big Toby's "Good Morning" lol, that is in fact him doing a squat, he has a very odd technique at the mo Grin
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