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Creatine and diet overall

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PAGANIcon...24-01-2010 @ 20:29 
I took about 4 out of Sooty's bottom
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Post Edited: 25.01.2010 @ 05:44 AM by PAGAN
nathan said:theres far to many diet questions on this forum!!

next it will be called sugden bodybuilding forum!!!

just admit ur a fat bas***d come to terms with it and move on

yes its a struggle to do ur laces up
yes u get out of breath ater walking the dog
yes u take to seats up in the cinema
yes ur car slopes to one side
yes people stare
yes the water spills over the side when ur having a bath
and yes u have no abs there called mono abs

but who really cares as long as ur strong

Who cares ? all those fitties who's pics we like to look at on here I'm afraid. But then they cant lift for s**t so we dont care about their opinion do we Wink


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