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A Decade Of Bullshit

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little_aIcon...31-08-2016 @ 14:42 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
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StevenFatty said:The little feller who goes...strange little chap. Would turn up two hours late for the gym.

One day I asked him if he wanted some smelling salts whilst squatting. He said "Yeah right, yeah, right, right"... which is basically all he ever said.

He got under the squat bar and I shoved a brand-new bottle of nose tork under his face. He let out a small whimper and a cough, and then began to squat. I though 'there's no way he has had any, he barely responded.'

When he finished squatting he turned round and his face was bright purple, with tears streaming down his face. He lay down and curled up on the floor. I though't I'd killed the poor little confused soul.

enjoy x
StevenFattyIcon...31-08-2016 @ 15:25 
My name is Steven , I am a fatty.
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Oh hang is another person...and I know him as well!!

I never knew he trained at Addlington. Bloody hell, he's another potty soul. Wears a woolen hat with glasses. Little bendy legs.

I've had to spot him quite a few times when training at Wigan. He trains in Wigan least, he used to. Conversation with him was also quite strange to say the least. A very comical man.


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