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Sites we like... AKA Links

Powerlifting Watch
Regularly updated powerlifting news, videos, forum, federation/record databases and more.
Forum populated by a number of well known powerlifters. Valuable information on a number of topics including equipped lifting. A number of good interviews and videos available.
Strength Discussion Forum
Strongman forum home to a number of international level strongmen and plenty of other budding lifters. Excellent training information available.
Elite FTS
Powerlifting information site and online store. Very thorough and useful collection of articles covering a number of topics including Westside principles. Weekly email newsletter one of the best out there.
Welsh Powerlifting
Your source for the latest information on the powerlifting scene in Wales, containing competition and records details.
Worth reading for the progress journals and power/strength section. If you're into 'Dear Deidre' or 'Dr. Miriam' check out the general section.
If you read Muscletalk, this will make you laugh.
Dan John
The home of highland games lifter Dan John. Lots of information regarding olympic lifting, strongman training and so on.
Vegan Fitness
This site has never been quite the same since Joni was made an administrator. A number of interesting progress journals are on the board.
T Nation
Once you learn to read around all the advertising hype and realise that you don't need 20 servings of 'Spike' to complete the ABHME Super Frequency Specialization Tolerance Routine, there are a number of interesting articles on the site.
Dragon Door
A number of articles available including many by Russian Strength Training Guru Pavel Tsatsouline. Also acts as a book selling point.
Fortified Iron
Popular American weightlifting forum with powerlifting, strongman and grip sections. Good collection of articles from around the internet.
BWLA North West Counties Powerlifting
The regional BWLA site for the North West. Not very pretty or updated often but some good information available!
No article is complete without a plug. If you need a website, visit.


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