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Adlington Barbell Club

Don't let appearances deceive you. On the outside it may look nothing more than a ramshackle old bomb-shelter, but on the inside there is always some serious lifting going on.

Adlington Barbell Club has been around for longer than most of us have been alive. Based just outside Chorley, it has been home and is home to many brilliant lifters, record holders and champions.

The club is run by resident coach Alan Fairclough, who was one of Britain's top Olympic lifters in his day, managing feats such as a 180 clean and jerk, 280 deadlift and 500lb front squat.

Several members from train at Adlington regularly, including Rob, Boar, Little A and PurplePaul. Tony also pops along when he can.

If you ever fancy a workout, pop along from 3-6 P.M. on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. There is everything you need to squat, bench and deadlift. 2 a session.

Power Rack, Squat Rack, Olympic Platform, Bumper Plates, Benches (2), Smith Machine, Dumbells, Assistance machines etc.

The club is hidden at the end of a small road called 'Oxford Street' in Adlington, near Chorley. The road has no paving so keep your eye out.

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