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» Sugden BB 12yo (Go to post)30-08-2018 @ 17:48 

That just raised a hearty chortle while at work!

One of my favourites was the one about wondering who was at the door
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)29-08-2018 @ 17:15 
Post Edited: 29.08.2018 @ 17:32 PM by DH
unit94 said:Biggest thing will be if he can move with weight and also if he can do it without getting injured. It wouldn't surprise me if he moves really well but might struggle with getting hurt if he rushes things

There area videos floating, I think I Stan Efferdings insta, of them doing loaded walks with a trap bar a while ago. Not the same as farmers or yoke but its not copmpletely foreign to him. Id be interested to see how he does though.

EDIT: Nope, Youtube, about 7:30 into this video. walking with barbells in each hand.
» Which one? (Go to post)03-04-2017 @ 14:29 
Cheers for the replies. It's not purely for powerlifting purposes at the minute, just want to get back training and put some decent weight back on. I've gone from 91-93 down to 77 at the minute with stopping training and doing more cycling than anything. I miss my legs though, getting a bit too road cyclisty (not even a word) at the minute! Haha!
» Which one? (Go to post)28-03-2017 @ 14:29 
JohnGym said:Both different companies mate.
Which location?

It'd be the Oldham gym group and Moston Pure. Thought I'd read somewhere they were owned by the same company? Must've been something else. You work/worked for the gym group didn't you John (remember from older posts)?
» Which one? (Go to post)28-03-2017 @ 08:49 
I've been out of training for a long time and am looking to start back. I used to have when I was with my ex a power rack etc in the garden but that's a no-no as I'm now in an apartment.

I'm right in the middle of a pure gym and a gym group one? Is there any difference other than the gym group is a bit cheaper, both owned by the same company aren't they? They're both 24hrs which suits my working hours is it worth paying the extra fiver to go to pure?

» What is the correct way of wrapping knees? (Go to post)08-02-2017 @ 17:36 
The video that was in this thread ( ) was brilliant, but looks like its no longer available. Showed loads of different ways of wrapping, think the video was by APT wraps??

Most people I know wrap bottom of knee to the top, like how Tom said, I tried a sub cross wrap once and seemed to get the most carryover from it compared to others.
» Re-soling Adidas Power perfects (Go to post)07-12-2016 @ 19:12 
luki said:I've refurbished motorbike rubbers a few times by putting a little wintergreen oil in hot water and soaking. 3-4 drops in a pint. Worth a try if you have some in the cupboard.

Not got any but will get some and give it a go. Chers
» Re-soling Adidas Power perfects (Go to post)07-12-2016 @ 18:10 
I've been away from lifting for a while and have come to start back again and the rubber soles on my power perfects seem to have hardened at the heel. The rest of the soles are still soft but right at the heel it's hardened and only noticed when I skidded on a smooth bit of floor! Haha! Can the rubber just be replaced and can any cobbler do it? (Probably a stupid question really!)
» Triathlon advice (Go to post)06-09-2016 @ 17:36 
Cheers boar. It's not until next June, it's the keilder off road triathlon, so it's an open water one. It's 1.5k open swim either 20 or 30 trail ride and then 10k trail run.
» Triathlon advice (Go to post)06-09-2016 @ 16:51 
Hoping Boar chimes in with his experience or advice. I'm looking at doing a triathlon next summer so plenty of time to train and wondered if anyone had any tips for my first one, training or transition tips or where to get kit for a reasonable price as may be a flash in the pan one off unless I get the bug while doing it. Not really a strength question but I know boar does things like this so was hoping for a bit of advice? I've got the bike it's everything else I need.

» FAO kirkynick... What are they eating? (Go to post)06-07-2015 @ 22:00 

Koklyaev and Sarychev having an eating competition
» Backyard Powerlifting (Go to post)21-04-2015 @ 21:02 

Bar x few
40 x 3
45 x 2
50 x 2
55 x 3 x 2

BHN Press

40 x 5 x 8

Barbell row

60 x 10
70 x 5 x 12
60 x 20 underhand

Holy back pump batman!


90 x 5 x 10
Each rep paused at the top


30 total

DB curls

15 x 5 x 10

Band pressdowns

100 each arm


5 x 100

Hammer curls

5 x 100
» Bench unracking advice (Go to post)17-04-2015 @ 16:30 
Post Edited: 17.04.2015 @ 16:32 PM by DH
dr_hazbun said:
I use this technique as i lift alone. It works very well.

Ditto. Mike Tuscherererer has got vid on youtube about shirted benching while training alone I think he goes through unracking on the vids. I'll see if i can find them an link them.

Heres one, you should be able to find the rest from this vid, it should be in one of them about unracking
» Backyard Powerlifting (Go to post)16-04-2015 @ 09:41 
Post Edited: 16.04.2015 @ 10:03 AM by DH

Bar x lots
60 x 5
80 x 3
90 x 3
100 x 8 x 3


bar x few
50 x 5
60 x 3
70 x 3
80 x 8 x 3


60 x 2
80 x 2
100 x 2
110 x 8 x 3

First and last 2 sets were sumo and middle 4 were conventional. Deads were nice and quick today
» Backyard Powerlifting (Go to post)08-04-2015 @ 22:18 

80 x 5 x 8


65 x 5 x 8


90 x 5 x 8

Finished with loads of band stuff for rear delts, arms and good mornings.

Nice quick little session, just to loosen me up and get the blood flowing.

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