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» MAX POWER STRONGMAN (Go to post)29-11-2014 @ 13:22 
Brad75 said:
Will squeeze you in whats your full name bud?

Adam Travis cheers mate
» MAX POWER STRONGMAN (Go to post)28-11-2014 @ 23:48 
Any space left on under 90s
» U90 wsm events (Go to post)13-04-2014 @ 21:45 
With the closing date being the 16th does this mean that if u have qualified guys have to pay there entry by then??
» the candle that burns twice as bright... (Go to post)11-04-2014 @ 22:08 
Hey Kyle why not ask for some pics off the people that are still lucky enough to get morning wood!?
» 'YouTube Warrior' (Go to post)07-04-2014 @ 20:23 
Awesome I saw u twice today n u never mentioned this!
» Northern Seniors Weightlifting (Go to post)23-03-2014 @ 19:59 
Well done mate
» England's Strongest Man u90kg 2014 (Go to post)20-03-2014 @ 13:19 
NO way there is enough at steak I'm not putting my beard on it aswell!!
» Ben's new strength journal. (Go to post)18-03-2014 @ 22:41 
Great fight on the squat mate!!
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)18-03-2014 @ 22:20 
Ice the wrist n train through it mate ice after every session n it will be fine! It's not f**ked just pain! Do u hook grip!? I can't tell in the vid. Well done tho mate looking good
» 135 axle 89 bw (Go to post)09-03-2014 @ 17:39 
Well done mate looks like u had a wicked day!
» Tom Martin P.B Deadlift in Italy !!!! (Go to post)09-03-2014 @ 09:27 
Ur awesome! This defo calls for more stalking u around stalybridge tesco!
» 220kg x 8 squat (rep PR) (Go to post)25-02-2014 @ 14:33 
Impressive stuff mate keep em coming!!
» Adam Travis 250kg Front Squat @ 90kg (Go to post)23-02-2014 @ 23:34 
Motorbiker said:From what i can see on the PB Chart he's 11th and much lighter than everyone infront of him.

I'v checked this out myself I'd love the top spot!! Only 40kg to go lol
» Adam Travis 250kg Front Squat @ 90kg (Go to post)23-02-2014 @ 19:35 
Cheers mate I don't live in Radcliffe mate my sister in law dose I'd drove there from stalybridge to drop Axl off there when my car broke down. Car is still there but at least I got my session in lol
» Adam Travis 250kg Front Squat @ 90kg (Go to post)23-02-2014 @ 17:54 
Thanks guys. My car broke down this morning so I had to walk a mile get a taxi to Radcliffe metro link station get a metro link in to Manchester Victoria that then turned in to a replacement bus then walk to Piccadilly get a metro to Ashton just to get to the gym! Thanks to mark Clegg for sticking round letting me do a bit

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