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LeedsMiniPowerIconStill here25-09-2018 @ 13:32 
Getting fat is just as dumb as using PED's
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SQ 275, BP 200, DL 290
765.0 kgs @ 114kgs UnEq
Decided to start logging my training in the hope i may find some strength.

I have still been training but with a little less focus on heavy weights and try and get 2 or 3 rowing sessions in the garage a week.

Bodyweight down to 107kg


10 mins treadmill

Lat pulldown/band work


10 x bar
5 x 60kg
5 x 100kg
5 x 120kg
5 x 140kg
5 x 160kg
5 x 160kg
5 x 170kg
10 x 145kg
6 x 100kg CG
6 X 100kg CG
6 x 120kg CG
6 X 120kg CG

Incline DB Press
Decline chest press machine
Cable fly

Single arm pulldown
Single arm lever row
Chest supported swiss bar row
Standing chest supported row
Reverse peck deck

DB curls
Tricep pushdown
Lying DB extension
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