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My journey back to the platform

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RF89IconMy journey back to the platform05-12-2015 @ 22:09 
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SQ 280, BP 167.5, DL 300
747.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Hi All, as I start my road from recovery I thought it would be good to start a training log.

I currently train at Pro Strength & Fitness in Swindon, an excellent gym kitted out with lots of powerlifting/strongman equipment and blessed with top class lifters like Big Loz who is great for motivation/advice.

2015 has been up and down due to a recurring back/hip injury; because of this I decided to stop powerlifting for 6 months to recharge and decided to focus on cutting body fat. I dropped from 103/4 to 88 kg, and am currently sitting in the low 90s without losing too much muscle, it took me to cut to realise I was carrying a lot of crap weight!

Following successful sports therapy & mobility work I want to get back on the platform in 2016 and compete in a tested fed (ABPU or BDPFA) at 90 or 100 kg.

Here's my first proper deadlift session (since May/June) from yesterday:

Median stance sumo deads: 180x3, 220x3, 240x3, 250x3, 260x3, 220x8(torn callus @9)
Conventional deads: 100x3x10 (sets x reps)
Tricep/Quad isolation work

RF89Icon09/12/2015: Tues: Posterior chain work09-12-2015 @ 00:58 
Member 5937, 9 posts
SQ 280, BP 167.5, DL 300
747.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Hip was feeling a little tight so decided to rest from squats on the recommendation from the physio.

Leg Press - Wide stance:

300 x 10, 400 x 10, 400 x 10, 450 x 10

Glute ham raise:

BW x 12, +10kg x 10, +15kg x 10, 10, +10kg x 10, BW x 20 (Great hammy pump)

Single leg extensions:

4 sets of 10, slow and controlled

Seating good mornings:

67.5 x 10, 107.5 x 10, 127.5 x 10, 147.5 x 10,10

Decent session focusing on getting good reps and volume in...
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