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lowtherIcon...18-10-2012 @ 19:52 
Member 3633, 57 posts
Nice one, it seemed like a good gym when I went to watch that comp. I'm thinking about doing that one next year actually, just need to get my overhead up a bit.

And it does seem that way, there's a lot of strong people training there! I might have to make it a regular thing, but I like the atmosphere at Bodyworks so I'm not giving up on it. A bit of variety can only be a good thing though!
dan302Icon...19-10-2012 @ 16:58 
i shy away from hard work
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SQ 250, BP 132.5, DL 282.5
665.0 kgs @ 120kgs UnEq
my little 16yr old brother trains at bodyworks ive been trying to get him squatting and deadlifting, come train with me sometime, i train at about 1am after late shifts though!
lowtherIcon...19-10-2012 @ 18:42 
Member 3633, 57 posts
Oh right cool. I will when I can - I'm up at half 6 for work most days though but I'm sure we can get something sorted!
lowtherIcon...20-10-2012 @ 00:56 
Member 3633, 57 posts
Well tonight was my first session at Force 10 Gym in Sc**thorpe courtesy of Simon, I can't say I was at my best but I enjoyed it a lot. It was a lot longer than I'd usually train for, plus been in bed ill for most of the afternoon, but a bit of deadlifting can always perk you up.


Singles up to 240kg
270kg x F (Head not in it today)

18" Deadlifts

My first go at these, not a height I'm a big fan of! Comes just below my knees so it takes an immense amount of effort to start the lift keeping good form, but as soon as it's above the knees, BANG lockout.

Singles up to 280kg
320 x F (That first bit is a killer, I've done a 400kg rack pull, 380kg x 4 and 320kg x 15 from the knees but those extra few inches make all the difference!)
280 x 2, 3rd F

Car Deadlift Machine

Again, first time at doing these. I'd usually have finished training by now, nearly a couple of hours in, and my lower back was pumped like crazy which didn't help things. No straps were used.

40kg x 8
90kg x 3
140kg x 3
190kg x 3
240kg x 3
290kg x 3
340kg x 4 or 5 - I was going to rep out on this, but because the it was full, one of the plates fell off and put me off. It was hard though, I'd guess 8 to 10 there fresh.
240kg x 15 ish? I did the first 4 or 5 like every other rep, from a dead stop but the rest were touch and go. I could have done 25 to 30 quite easily strength wise, but I was knackered at this point and stopped at the 15 I set myself! Getting dangerously like cardio for my liking.

The rest of the session was just playing around with a few log cleans and some rows. Not how I'd usually train, but a lot of fun, and I'm sure some big numbers will be possible on the car deadlifting machine next time I have a go... Thanks Simon!
lowtherIcon...21-10-2012 @ 20:01 
Member 3633, 57 posts
Post Edited: 21.10.2012 @ 20:02 PM by lowther
Sunday 21st October

Bit of a lighter pressing session tonight to keep technique nailed but without impacting on recovery too much. Worked up to 92 kg log, plenty of one motions at 82 / 72 kg, then strict presses with the stone block. It's a gate threshold basically, doesn't weigh a huge amount, but the width of it makes it challenging to press. Built up to a set of 7.

Afterwards, a bit of close grip bench, only up to a paused 120kg single, then 87.5kg on the axle with the big wheels for 10 reps. Following that was just a bit of a mess around, incline benching the log and the stone (without dropping it on my face) for max reps then doing press ups with the rings in the power rack.

The plan for this week is a higher rep back session tomorrow, a good shoulder session on Wednesday, then trying a max deadlift in the suit and some (hopefully) crazy reppage on Friday...
lowtherIcon...22-10-2012 @ 17:56 
Member 3633, 57 posts
Monday 22nd October

Today didn't exactly go to plan, started with lat pullowns, working up to the full stack of 135kg for a few, then back down to 100kg for a set of 10, keeping the form strict. Then afterwards, managed to tear a callous off on my second set of dumbbell rows. Not good. Got it duct taped up then just did some close grip pull downs, one set of 50 reverse curls and a few light bent over rows. Not the plan, but I'd rather it happen today than Friday! Trying to keep my eating up more this week as my lower back is still not 100% from last week's deadlifts yet.
lowtherIcon...24-10-2012 @ 15:25 
Member 3633, 57 posts
Post Edited: 26.10.2012 @ 08:15 AM by lowther
Wednesday 24th October

Pressing session today, mainly to build up tricep strength.

Strict Barbell Press

Bar x 10 x 2 sets
40kg x 10
60kg x 6
80kg x 1 (fast)
90kg x F (didn't really go for it, so decided to go for more reps today)
60kg x 10 x 3 sets

Seated Barbell Press Lockouts (Eye level, off the safety bars)

60kg x 6
70kg x 6
80kg x 1
90kg x 1 (fast)
100kg x F (stuck at the bottom, but this exercise will hopefully build strength where I'm weakest.)
80kg x 6 Cheap PB

Close Grip Floor Press

60kg x 6
80kg x 3
100kg x 1
120kg x 1 (failed on 2nd, didn't keep my elbows tucked in enough.)

Then to finish, a 4 or 5 higher rep sets of CGBP on the Smith machine - I'm not a fan as it tends to throw me off my natural movement. This was followed by a few sets of rope pushdowns and a static hold at the bottom for time which was a bit of a killer

Resting and eating tomorrow, then deadlifts on Friday.
lowtherIcon...26-10-2012 @ 15:25 
Member 3633, 57 posts
Friday 26th October

Last session today before 5 days / a week off. Wanted a longer session to really test my ability to recover, I usually keep them down to around an hour or so but went for about two and a half.


240kg x 1 (beltless)
160kg x 1 suit on
240kg x F (couldn't get into position, will dedicate a session to getting used to the suit in the future. Because I'm tall, it's going to be a case of seeing just how tight I can get the straps whilst still being able to get in position. Having any sort of energy left in me when I'm down there needs to be worked on as well.)
260kg x F (head just not in it)

*Good talk with myself*

240kg x 5 PB(plates started falling off, no collars because I'm an idiot, definitely more there!)
220kg x 10 equal PB

This almost killed me, probably the hardest set I've ever done. I know I wasn't at my strongest today, and was shattered after the 240kg set but I was definitely going to get 10. The plan was more deadlifts but my lower back, lungs and head didn't seem to want to go along with it.

In the end I went for an hour and a half of lat pulldowns, reverse curls, hang cleans, a couple of rack pulls some collar to collar beltless deadlifts. There were some PBs in there and some intense high rep stuff, but nothing really worth mentioning. Needless to say, I'm knackered now in a major way, but I feel satisfied that I've earned my time off!


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