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Englands Most Powerful Man Under 105s 2013.

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JBIcon...12-06-2013 @ 14:14 
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Mark said:
There is no weight for novice, it is just that. So you could be up against bigger or smaller people. End of the day though bodyweight doesn't indicate much, look at shane winning the 105s at 85kg ish? and Ben winning the opens at somewhere around 110kg Happy

yeah appreciate that but it would be a 'novice' is a good starter comp for the likes of myself.
wouidnt think i would do too badly in a 105 comp but would like a little more experience first maybe next summer Happy

MarkIcon...12-06-2013 @ 14:36 
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Yeah novice would be best place to start, then look to work into your weight category if there is on and go from there Happy
VinnyJonesIcon...18-06-2013 @ 18:41 
Who said it's hardcore?
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JB said:i know this event has been completed

but one question i would like to ask is what weight can a 'novice' be.

for example myself i would like to give it a go one day (never competed) but currently weigh around 100kg and think the 105s is currently a little heavy even though i reckon i could get a few lifts etc

My mate Richard "He Bangs, He Bangs" Martin competed in the Novice and finished 11th out of 12. He weighed 93kg on the day and made some good lifts.
MarkIcon...18-06-2013 @ 20:43 
Member 2171, 1612 posts
Haha I forgot that one Grin
Martin had some classic lines that day on the mic!

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