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250kg Squat PB

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jediIcon250kg Squat PB02-04-2019 @ 10:52 
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SQ 250, BP 165, DL 272.5
687.5 kgs @ 93kgs UnEq
Felt like I'd really done the work for this after the 230x3 that I posted and then finished off my last micro-cycle at 232.5kg x 2 (after a heavy triple and two doubles) with at least one in the tank.
It was still somewhat scary as fkk though!
I think there's possibly a tiny bit of downward motion on the bar at the stall point I am not 100% sure ...but it's close enough that I feel comfortable claiming it. Starting to peak nicely towards Bodypower although about 3kg bodyweight to come off so I can compete u90 (masters 3)
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