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Sugden Spy catches Dr. Rick in the act!

Disturbing news came to light today, as a young Sugden spy reported some shattering news to Joni and Rob during the Wednesday evening session.

Apparently, Rick was seen collecting a double kebab and chips at popular Oxford Road kebab-shop 'Abduls'. Making the situation even worse however, was the fact that the take-away staff talked to Rick as if he were their brother. His food was already waiting in a special bag (possibly marked 'Dr Love') for him when he arrived.

Sugden Barbell members were deeply displeased to hear about these circumstances, especially as Rick was rumoured to have started his new super keto, no pre-workout meal diet within the past few days. For the fourth time this month.

When questioned, Rick said "When I was pinned under the 160 squat all I could think about was getting out and getting to Abduls. I'll start my diet again tomorrow. Honest."

A petition asking Abduls to refuse Rick service in future is available at the Sugden Centre Reception.


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