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image Oliver Fu-Fu Conrad Bartelski James Jackson
AKA Olly, Age: 23

Cockney Oliver, despite his relevantly youthful age (don't let his hardened, ragged appearance fool you) has some experience in the field of strength training, involving a one year tenure as a strength coach for a rugby team.

PBS: Deadlift 260, Squat 167.5, Bench 142.5 (Paused)

image Adam 'My Gym' Brown
AKA Adam, Age: 23

Hailing from the citadel of Belfast, Adam is a judo specialist and anti-milk protester.

PBS: Deadlift 250, Squat 220, Bench 150 (Paused)

image Joni 'Veganlifter' Purmonen
AKA Joni, Age: Past it

Joni is believed to be one of the oldest people using the gym at Sugden. Originating from the cold shores of Finland, Joni is a proud Vegan with an exceptionally talented power-belly.

PBS: Deadlift 227.5, Squat 217.5, Bench 137.5 (Touch and Go)

image Rob 'Toothpick' Bethell
AKA Rob, Age: 22

The young apprentice of the Sugden crew, Rob has received several awards for his sharp wit and skinny legs. Rob's current full-time occupation is drinking 4 litres of milk a day.

PBS: Deadlift 205, Squat 182.5, Bench 110 (Touch and Go)


image Jonathan 'Tokar Drago' Turner
AKA JT, Age: 27

Renowned for saying what he thinks ("That's a hang power clean. Not a particulary good one either."), young Russian spy Jonathan usually trains at Sugden on Sunday's.

PBS: Deadlift 255, Squat 185, Bench 140 (Paused)

image Richard F. 'Dr. Rick' Booth
AKA Rick, Age: 31

Emerging from Manchester's Red-Light District (Whalley Range for the ill-informed), Rick is a bit of a cult-figure at Sugden. Young students often stop him mid cross-trainer and ask him if he is the 'Dr. Love'.

PBS: Deadlift 220, Squat 185, Bench 145 (Paused)

image Haris 'Haris' Naseem
AKA Haris, Age: 24

Renowned for finishing his work-outs even quicker than Tokar, Haris is a medical student who "feels privileged" to live two roads down from Rob. This young 'British but not English' citizen intends to compete in the October BWLA Competition.

PBS: Deadlift 220, Squat 170, Bench 125 (Touch and Go)

image Jo 'Jo'
AKA Jo, Age: 22

The girlfriend of Adam, Jo is an aspiring powerlifter, cross-trainer enthusiast and avid coconut fat lover.

PBS: Deadlift 125, Squat 80, Bench 45 (Paused)


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