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Operation 101

Sugden Barbell have a proud history of adding extra incentive and amusement to their training through the use of imaginative 'Operations'.

An example of how not to name an Operation is given by Jonny Mills in his journal. "Operation 120kg push press" sounds about as entertaining as a damp afternoon in Darwen.

You must bring your Operations to life. Think of metaphors, similes, idols - give it serious thought. Then proceed.

Sugden Barbell Operations (Past and Present)

Operation: No-Neck
This operation involves growing the trap muscles to extreme levels in order to disguise ones neck. Has involved shrugging extremely heavy poundages multiple times per week, including 50 rep sets and drop sets.

Operation: 'Dude where's my neck?
For the advanced no-neck trainee, this classified operation is the final step. Results yet to be seen.

Operation: Shoulders Like Boulderz
Joni is responsible for this one. It's a little too 'BodyBuilding.Com' for my liking, but whatever makes him happy. This operation presumably involved lots of dumbell pressing and 'run the rack' lateral raises.

Operation: Barndoor Back
Lat work every work-out, in order to create monstorous lats that block the sun when you walk down Oxford Road.

Operation: Power Belly
For the novice trainer looking to get rid of those unsightly abs, this operation involves an introduction to drinking lots of milk, every day. Fast food equals bonus points.

Operation: G.F.H.
For the advanced power belly owner, this operation involves taking it to the next level. It is a continuation of Operation Apeshit. Growth must be seen on an unforeseen scale.

Operation: Apeshit
Joni coined this term for this op which involved consuming at least 400g of protein a day, mostly through smelly protein shakes.

Operation: Jimmy Calves
Named after the owner of some of the freakiest calves in the UK, Jimmy Marku (strongman), Rob coined this operation in order to help add some mass to his sparrow legs - which Adam once referred to as 'smaller than my arms'.

Operation: Big Gunz
One day Joni looked in the mirror. He cried. His thirteen inch biceps looked ridiculous compared to his large back and belly. Operation BIG GUNZ was born. Joni pumped his way to 15"s, using cable concentration curls and other nefarious methods to inducee hypertrophy.


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