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Forum BB Code

Bulletin Board code allows you to apply basic formatting to your forum posts. So, for example, you could make a particular word appear in bold if you want to emphasise it. Please note that some of the code is different from some well known forums such as vBulletin and PHPBB.

You may use tags within other tags (e.g. combining bold and italic tags). If you miss a closing tag then the format will not appear. This is to prevent all of the text appearing in italic in case you forget to close off a [i] tag for example.

Basic Formatting

Bold Tags: Use [b]example text[/b] to produce example text

Italic Tags: Use [i]example text[/i] to produce example text

Underline Tags: Use [u]example text[/u] to produce example text

Strikethrough Tags: Use [strike]example text[/strike] to produce example text

Colour Tags: Use [colour=blue]example text[/colour] to produce example text

Size Tags: Use [size=3]example text[/size] to produce example text

Small Tags: Use [small]example text[/small] to produce example text

Pre Tags: Use [pre]my notepad text etc[/pre] to produce

my notepad text etc
*This preserves line breaks and spaces in notepad text and similar.

Center Tags: Use [center]example text[/center] to produce
example text

Right Tags: Use [right]exaple text[/right] to produce
example text

List Formatting

Bullet Points: Use [list][*]Example 1[*]Example 2[/list] to produce
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
Bullet points must be within [list] tags, otherwise they won't appear.

YouTube Videos

Use [youtube]xVB_rQFSsEg[/youtube]

The code in the middle is the video ID - you can paste this from the url (e.g. you would select the information between the equals sign and the bracket.

URL Formatting

URL Tags: Use [url][/url] to produce

Descriptive Tags: Use [url=]Example.Com[/url] to produce Example.Com


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