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Entering a BWLA Comp

This article is intended to act as a basic guide for those lifters wishing to join and enter their first BWLA powerlifting competition. The process can be a little daunting and confusing at first; hopefully this piece will help prevent that.

Remember, there will often be a good few novice lifters at regional competitions - so it's an ideal way to break into the world of competition, which can be a very different ballgame to lifting in the gym!

What is BWLA?
BWLA, or the British Weightlifting Association, is the administrative body of weightlifting and powerlifting in the UK. It is also affiliated to the IPF, the International Powerlifting Federation.

The federation is drug tested, lifters will receive bans for use of any prohibited substances. The powerlifting arm of BWLA encompasses 12 different divisions covering all areas of the UK.

How do I find out about BWLA competitions?
Unless you train with or talk to fellow powerlifters who compete in BWLA, you may not stumble upon competition dates readily. Luckily, there is a comprehensive website which contains details of all competitions across the country.

More than likely there will be one or more events fairly local to you that you may wish to participate in.

How do I join BWLA?
To enter any BWLA competitions you must be a BWLA members; guest lifting is not allowed.

To join BWLA you must complete the membership form (ignore the fact it says 2006) and provide a cheque for the relevant amount, which you must then post to the BWLA headquarters. Membership fees will typically be 25 per annum for members not associated with a BWLA registered club (in which case the cost is 21).

You should receive confirmation of your membership in roughly two weeks or so, though this time can vary. If you do not hear anything in 3 weeks or so you should contact BWLA by phone, especially if you have your first competition forthcoming. Your confirmation will include a BWLA card with your membership number.

Entering a competition
Once you have your membership details you will be able to enter any BWLA competitions which do not require prior qualification (typically this will be all regional competitions). Organisers may allow you to enter before receiving your BWLA details if time is limited.

To enter a competition you must contact the relevant secretary of the division that the competition is taking place in. You may be sent an entry form to fill out and will also have to send a cheque for the competition entry (typically 8).

Contact details can usually be found on the relevant regional website via the main powerlifting site.

If you struggle to find contact details or indeed have any problems then just post a message asking for assistance on a forum with BWLA lifters, such as this one! BWLA is a good federation to compete in with a lot of friendly lifters and a good atmosphere.


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