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Book Review: Dinosaur Training

Author: Brooks D. Kubik
Published: 1996, 1998, 2002

This book is different. For a start, the author really does say what he thinks - there is absolutely no pussy footing around. He makes a number of salient points, many of which are sure to raise eyebrows.

The concept of dinosaur training, as the author goes on to explain throughout the book, is as beautiful as it is simple. Kubik encourages a return to the old exercises used by the strongman of yester-year, whom he refers to and details frequently throughout the book. Simple training based on implements such as thick bars, sandbags, barrels and heavy compound exercises are the name of the game in dinosaur training. Heavy singles are also a must.

Kubik does contradict himself a few times at the start of the book, he also goes on at some length about his achievements in powerlifting, however this does cement his credentials.

Through close to thirty chapters the author discusses the plight of modern training, basic dinosaur methods and routines, mental aspects of lifting and yet more anecdotes. The last several chapters do have a certain feeling of dj vu about them; the author reiterates many of the same points and it can become an irksome read.

However, there are always a few cherries to keep your interest...
"A dinosaur would sooner eat old automobile tires cooked in kerosene than read a celebrity exercise book."

"My golden Retrievers, Sam and Spenser, could do a better job of training gym members than does the average instructor..."
In conclusion, the book is entertaining and easy to read. There is nothing ground-breaking in it, but that's how it's meant to be. Simple. You might not learn anything from it, but you will enjoy reading it.

7 Power Bellies out of 10


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