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» WSM 2019 (Go to post)14-06-2019 @ 18:39 
umpalumpalifter said:
I'll take it back, seen other videos and doesn't look as bad as first thought

Where are you seeing these videos?? Not seen any footage of day two yet haha
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)14-06-2019 @ 15:53 
KevC86 said:
Maybe I've missed it, who was injured by the heavy yokes?
I still make Thor the favourite, he'll be strapped and drugged up but is still capable of taking the win.

Loz burst his achilles on the second yoke pickup
» Britains Strongest Man (Go to post)20-01-2019 @ 01:01 
Awesome win for hixxy! Interesting that bish actually beat him on 4 out of 5 events, was the log tha let him down quite badly
» Time to start journaling again (Go to post)13-09-2018 @ 23:32 
Thursday 13/09/2018

Incline bench
Bar x a couple sets
50kg x 6
70kg x 5
90kg x 5
107.5kg x 5 sets of 5
Harder than I would've liked, felt fatigued and the bench I was using wasn't the best

Close grip bench
60kg x 6
80kg x 6
100kg x 4 sets of 6

Strict dumbbell press
20kg's x 12
26kg's x 10
26kg's x 9
26kg's x 10

Cable flyes / Side raises superset
4 sets of 10-15 / 8kg's x 4 sets of 15

Rope pushdown / Overhead rope extension superset
4 sets of 10 each
» Time to start journaling again (Go to post)12-09-2018 @ 23:35 
Legs today but ended up splitting it up into two sessions so I could train with the gf this evening

Wednesday 12/09/2018 AM

Safety bar squats
60kg x 10
60kg x 11
100kg x 10
140kg x 10
Add soft belt
160kg x 9
180kg x 2 sets of 8

Hack squat
40kg x 12
60kg x 12
80kg x 12
90kg x 10

Standing calf raise
60kg x 6 sets of 12

Seated calf raise
20kg x 8
30kg x 8
40kg x 8
40kg x 10

Wednesday 12/09/2018 PM

Deficit deadlift
60kg x 2 sets of 5
100kg x 5
140kg x 5
160kg x 4 sets of 5
Remove deficit
160kg x 8

Walking lunges
24kg Kettlebells x 2 runs of 30m
50kg x 30m
80kg x 20m
100kg x 10m

Seated leg curls
40kg x 12
50kg x 2 sets of 12
60kg x 8
50kg x 12
35kg x 2 sets of 15 (1 1/4 reps)
» Time to start journaling again (Go to post)11-09-2018 @ 14:03 
Tuesday 11/09/2018

Neutral grip pull-ups (all from a dead hang)
Bodyweight x 2 sets of 5
+10kg x 10
+20kg x 3 sets of 5
+10kg x 2 sets of 5
Bodyweight x 8

Bent over rows
50kg x 12
70kg x 10
80kg x 3 sets of 10
Add straps
110kg x 6

Dumbbell rows
41kg x 4 sets of 8

Bent over dumbbell flyes
8.5kg's x 4 sets of 15

Barbell curls
20kg x 12
30kg x 10
35kg x 8
40kg x 3 sets of 8
50kg x 1
55kg x 1
60kg x 1

Hammer curls
16kg's x 4 sets of 15

Farmers walk
57.5kg's x 6 sets of 20m
» Time to start journaling again (Go to post)11-09-2018 @ 13:59 
Dieted for a few weeks after my last comp and now feeling rather weak & skinny lol. Time to get serious and strong again. No comps planned in the near future so just some general off season training for now, gonna take my time and build everything up slowly

Monday 10/09/2018

Incline bench
Bar x 2 sets
40kg x 5
60kg x 5
80kg x 5
95kg x 5
105kg x 5 sets of 5

Incline dumbbell bench
26kg's x 12
30kg's x 12
34kg's x 12
38kg's x 2 sets of 10

Bodyweight x 4 sets of 12

Dumbbell flyes
14kg's x 12
14kg's x 15
16kg's x 2 sets of 12

Incline dumbbell skullcrushers
12kg's x 4 sets of 15

Rope pushdowns
30kg x 4 sets of 15

Seated overhead dumbbell extension
65lbs x 12
65lbs x 15
36kg x 9
36kg x 10
» Summermania (Go to post)04-06-2018 @ 17:29 
Sounds like Kieliskowski put in an awesome performance winning 4 out of 5 events. Just a shame his deadlift isnt up to par, its the only thing holding him back
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)06-05-2018 @ 18:35 
mark_f1 said:
45 3x1
60 3x1
65 2x1
70 x1 training pb.
75 fail, not suprised feel awful today. Hoping for 80 soon.

70kg is a training PB on log? Grin Realised you meant dumbbell, your pressing is really coming on mate!
» Becca on BBC news beat and radio one (Go to post)05-05-2018 @ 18:37 
KevC86 said:Without wishing this to sound personal (and it applies to all those involved, not just Becca, who probably is healthier than some).

Bigger is not healthier, to devote a series of stories to suggesting otherwise is political correctness gone mad.
I get not wishing to offend fat people, but being fat isn't healthy, that isnt discrimination, its very basic biology.

Glamourising obesity seems massively irresponsible to me.

» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)20-04-2018 @ 10:01 
Did anyone see Licis deadlifting 366kg x 7? Pretty ridiculous
» Log lift championship - Leeds (Go to post)09-04-2018 @ 13:26 
Post Edited: 09.04.2018 @ 13:29 PM by Floobler
mark_f1 said:
I don't think Thor peaked on his log for Europes, I expect to see something even bigger at worlds.

His 213kg looked quite comfortable as well for a max, reckon he could press 220kg right now. Another year of focused training and he could be pushing 230kg
» 2 x Europes strongest man tickets (Go to post)05-04-2018 @ 00:22 
If they can be delivered tomorrow and arrive by Friday I'll take them mate
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)29-03-2018 @ 16:47 
Post Edited: 29.03.2018 @ 16:47 PM by Floobler

If this is 203kg as iron biby claims then imo it's definitely the most impressive training video in the build up to ESM
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)24-03-2018 @ 23:30 
andy_shaw said:I think Z will win Europe's and world's....Just sayin...He won Arnold's 2 years ago with a completely f**ked back. He won world's in 2014 when he wasn't supposed to...Just got a hunch

I'd be very, VERY surprised if he could beat Thor now

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