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» UK Home DIY Question (Go to post)03-06-2023 @ 11:54 
matthewvc said:The home we have in UK has the vile abomination known as 'Artex' on every ceiling.
as it's post 2000 I don't think it has Asbestos in it, but it still looks dated as hell and takes a few grand off resale value.

Is it best to:
1. scrape it off / steam it off
2. pull the plasterboards off and replace with new.
the prices being bandied around for a pro to do it are eyewatering and
wouldn't improve the resale value enough to make it worthwhile.

Idea is I do the labour intensive stuff a couple of sqm at a time over a few weeks and get a plasterer in to skim it once done

Hi mate! I had a plasterer just plaster over ours; think he charged 100 quid per small room and 150 for living room and took him a single day!

We then just painted over it once it was dry!

Trying to remove it would be akin to s**tting duplo, lego and sitckle bricks in one go. I wouldn't go down that route
» Programming advice (Go to post)21-05-2023 @ 20:06 
unit94 said:
I'm definitely coming to you at some point for a bench programme mate! Just need a reason to prioritise it and I'll be in your inbox!

Always welcome mate! You still over this way? I'm in west vale now, got a decent set up!
» Programming advice (Go to post)21-05-2023 @ 18:09 
Hi mate! So tonnes of literature favours modified DUP on bench, but conflicting on other lifts. Anyway, if I was to do it, I'd cycle something like this:

Monday (Structural Development):
Primary: 5@RPE9, -5%, 3x5. Use a variation that biases a weak muscle.
Secondary: Pec Isolation, 4x 8-12
Tertiary: Horizontal Pull, 4x 8-12

Wednesday (Neural Development):
Primary: 5@RPE9, 3x3 Same Load. Use a variation that puts you in your weakest position.
Secondary: Shoulder Isolation, 4x8-12
Tertirary: Vertical Pull, 4x8-12

Friday (Sport Form Development):
Primary: 1@8, -5% 1x3, -5% 2x3. Use comp bench for top single, TnG for back offs.
Secondary: 3@9, -5% 3x3. Use a variation that is supramax (slingshot, partials etc)
Tertiary1: Tricep Isolation, 4x8-12
Tertiary2: Bicep Isolation, 4x8-12

The goal is to bring up the foundations (tricep, delt and pecs with isolation) to allow greater performance in the development slots on Mon+Wed. This in turn, will drive up the 1@8 on Friday (which is about opener or just a little heavier).

So a general guide if the 1@8 isn't improving after 4-5 week:

Feel physically s**t? -1 off all back off sets and ensure you cap isolation @RPE8.
Feel good? +1 on all back off sets and push isolation to true rpe8 or 8.5

If you was making progress, now stalled and feel s**t, drop 10% off last weeks weights and half all sets (essentially a deload).

Its sustainable. That said, if it is just for the 6 weeks then go for a do or die set up like the RSR as mentioned above, just make sure your s**t is together as its unforgiving but rewarding.
» Diabeetus Question (Go to post)17-03-2023 @ 16:09 
Or if you are looking for something even more effective, there's peptides that outright undo prediabetes; namely MOTS-C... defo warrants some research!

MOTS-C levels are proportionate to insulin sensitivity, and inversely proportionate to hba1c, HOMA-IR and blood glucose. It's literally like pushing the T2DM cascading snowball back up the hill.
» Diabeetus Question (Go to post)09-03-2023 @ 14:31 
Thought I'd chime in with this. I am slightly hypo in the AM/fasted (3mmol); but my insulin sensitivity is sky high.

I supplemented for increased insulin sensitivity and glycogen retention; so its sort of my own doing but I'd prefer this than being diabetic!

Check out Berberine, its almost as strong as metformin and is OTC stuff, can get it from amazon etc and has s**t loads of literature on its effectiveness. This would be my first stop (other than weight management) for high blood sugar/HbA1c. 6 months after stopping berberine I'm still on the lower end. Sometimes the beta cells just need a kick up the arse...
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)17-01-2023 @ 14:43 
BigMacca said:
What brands are you using buddy?
It's a nightmare trying to buy supplements like this as there are always bunk products out there.
A personal recommendation from an upstanding gent is always the way to go Grin

Healer labs, a tad pricier but they do all in ones and are reputable!
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)16-01-2023 @ 11:49 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
Haha I remember being on a high dose Trib, Bulbine and DAA stack and I produced what can only be described as a nuclear jizz missile. I have never recreated that bolt since, but I remember having my woman at the time doggy style, pulling out and this scud missile firing over her body and hitting the wall. Glory days.
Stans stuff is good because it is all easy to follow and relatable. His stuff is applicable to natural and enhanced lifters too, so it is nice.
I'm 40 in the next few weeks, and I've only just started lifting and exercising again after a few years off. I'm hoping it will perk me up just being active again, but I can certainly feel all the classic symptons of low test.
I will go down the TRT route at some point, but may give the natural supplements and lifestyle habits chance a few more chances before I finally do.

nuclear jizz missile hahahahahahaha!!!
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)16-01-2023 @ 10:48 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
Good to see you well and posting again mate, and I'm glad you're back on track and over the hurdles.
Interesting results on your blood tests. Had you ever had them done before when you was on your peak pre setbacks? I always had you down as a natural genetic silverback who was just meant to be a machine haha.
Turkesterone has been getting lots of good reports about it recently, and it has been on my radar, but I wanted to give it a while before trying for more data. I remember the old days of tribulus and then the new kid of DAA etc... All the rage back in the day and made my urine and jizz very expensive.
We can all agree that lifestyle choices and habits will play a good role in ones health, wellbeing and ball bag power. Sleep for sure is one of the best!
For those wondering on some good lifestyle habits and pointers, look up Stan Efferding videos on youtube. He promotes his vertial diet, but he also makes so many good points about sleep and other stuff. Worth a look.

Thanks mate! I had tests years ago and remember them being higher than average but not silly high; I know now they are similar to a 21 year old according to my doctor.
I think I took DAA when it was the rage but didn't get anything from it; with the above there's objective measurements; not just the blood work, but my balls are notably larger and I could spray the Mrs up the wall... so I'm absolutely convinced at least one of the above is a game changer. Which? who knows haha.

Will check out Stans stuff, seen stuff from him before about blood pressure and salt, was interesting!
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)16-01-2023 @ 10:18 
Post Edited: 16.01.2023 @ 10:24 AM by AMH_Power
Just thought I'd share something that may be of value. I've never taken anything along the lines of hormones etc with the exception of prednisolone for severe hay fever. Anyway...

When I returned to training following a tear in the artery in my neck, I was just feeling down and depressed all the time; and put it down to side effects of having a stroke etc. Anyway, I got a blood test just in case.

It came back at 12.1 nmol and 98 pnol for oestradiol; which from my understanding is on the lower side, but not TRT low low. A second test about 9 weeks later was 11.9, so wasn't a single bad test from sleep or stress etc.

Anyway, I made some adjustments/habits/supplement changes:

Fadogia Aggrestis: 800mg a day.
Turkesterone: 1000mg a day.
Tongkat Ali: 400mg a day.

8 hours sleep, religiously.

Blast my balls with cold shower water 2x a day.

Anyway, my last hormone test was 24.6nmol testosterone and 82pmol for oestradiol. I went on to bench 250kg and right now, probably the strongest I've ever been @37 and suffering some mega set backs.

I don't doubt there's a mix and match of placebo/nocebo/actual change from the above, but even if one of them makes a difference, I'll remain as is.

I'd exhaust this before making a leap into a hole without a ladder!
» Free Development Block (Go to post)19-01-2022 @ 08:21 
Thanks boys.

If anyone is wondering the lower days are:
SFE deadlift
SDE squat
SPE deadlift
GPE Squat

And vice versa for the secondary day.

Bench days are simply all bench movements (but two separate sessions so TTP isn't too different to squat and dead; this way there's two types of lower and two types of upper) with GPE usually being some sort of upper pull.
» Free Development Block (Go to post)18-01-2022 @ 15:26 
Post Edited: 18.01.2022 @ 15:28 PM by AMH_Power
Just following up from my journal...

I had a fair few questions and messages about it on social media.

I decided to make a spreadsheet with some inputs, and it will calculate the full programme (including total sets, exercise selection etc) based on a development block.

If you aren't anywhere near 90%+ of your best lifts right now, I'd do a prep block first focusing on work capacity. This block is development/acquisition and is best used after a preparatory block (and will lead perfect into a peaking block).

Anyway, the first tab is drop down menus to pick your answers. The second tab is the programme spanning 40 sessions.

It's intended to be 5 days a week (mon, tue, wed, fri, sat).

However, if you can only commit to 4, it will extend from 8 weeks to 10 weeks. If you are doing 4 sessions per week, I recommend changing one of the variables to give more volume (just put yourself in a lighter category or say you are better at reps, either of these will increase work)... but again, ideally its 5 sessions over 8 weeks.

Some notes:

-don't get caught up with progressive overload too much, the aim is to make initial loads silly easy. There's PO built in to the comp lifts (SFE), and there's auto regulation via RPE for everything else... but ideally try not let the load slip backwards... even if it means doing the same session over and over, it will get easier... which means you are getting stronger. For more info on how this works, check my journal or read work by Bondarchuk.

Any dramas or errors with the document, just post here and I'll resolve asap.

If anyone is using VBT, just use equivalent m/s in place of RPE, or message me for more intricate replacement info.


Edit. If it opens in google docs online, just go file &rt; download &rt; xlsx for a local copy. It's not protected, so feel free to pillage formula etc
» AMH's training log. Goal, 800+ Raw @100kg. (Go to post)12-01-2022 @ 21:43 
Post Edited: 12.01.2022 @ 21:45 PM by AMH_Power
danbaseley said:One last question: in the prep block, do we raise the SFE and SDE sets (or any other sets, for that matter) from session-to-session, as long as it stays within the RPE - and we're not fooked?

Nope. Totally fixed. Changing the amount of work would change the predictablity of the TTP. In the prep block the SFE/SDE is around half of the work allocated to SPE/GPE. It's a retaining volume while trainability is increased via SPE and GPE.

In the development block, the tables are turned. We retain our training capacity while training force production.

It's a 'complex' form of periodisation, but the amount of work is constant, it's just the work is biased towards the goal of the block.
» AMH's training log. Goal, 800+ Raw @100kg. (Go to post)12-01-2022 @ 16:45 
rawlifter said:
Ok so ignoring the number of sets - is their guidance to how often/how to schedule in the 3 lifts? or am i missing?

It's easier to see how much work in a week you can recover from, then divide the total sets by the amount of exposures you intend on doing.

Frequency isn't an issue, it's total work. The session, frequency and TTP are all interlinked.

On bench, total sets are typically 60ish in a week (this obviously isn't bench sets, this is all training sets in the week).

Sometimes its literally a case of...

Are you getting stronger?

YES - Don't change anything.


-Are you f**ked?
No... You need more 'sets' in the week
Yes... you need less 'sets' in the week.

This is why the effort, volume and relative intensity is the same for all exposures; if not then there's simply no way to know whats going on.

Any set irrespective of reps that sits at true RPE7.5 to 9, carries a very similar recovery demand. RPE10 has a step up in recovery demand without associated adaptation, so its optimal to stay around 8-9.

It's for this reason a single @8 is used for top sets on SFE, then a triple with -5% (this is about RPE9). Further backoffs or even light to drop them back to 8ish.

The protocols highlighted for the slots in the document are absolutely practical.
» AMH's training log. Goal, 800+ Raw @100kg. (Go to post)12-01-2022 @ 14:04 
rawlifter said:Am I reading this correct that for Bench that would be roughly 16 sets 3 times a week in your example.

Are Deads and Squat the same programming - so would be potentially 48 sets a session x 3 times a week?

Im probably completely misunderstanding

Also, squat and deadlift have different tolerances too.

So for example, my bench is actually 20 total sets in session (despite my example saying 16), my squat is 15, and deadlift 12.

I used to swear by squat and bench in the same session, I'd sooner favour higher gym frequency to allow for dedicated squat, bench and dead sessions. For a lower frequency, you could distribute load types, for example:

Session A
SFE Squat
SDE bench
SPE deadlift
GPE Squat

Session B
SFE bench
SDE deadlift etc etc

Just distribute the exercise set up. Keep in mind, this will extend the TTP and adds more variables so makes it harder to predict.
» AMH's training log. Goal, 800+ Raw @100kg. (Go to post)12-01-2022 @ 13:58 
rawlifter said:Am I reading this correct that for Bench that would be roughly 16 sets 3 times a week in your example.

Are Deads and Squat the same programming - so would be potentially 48 sets a session x 3 times a week?

Im probably completely misunderstanding

16 total sets in the session divided down by the exercise types... The division allocation depends on the block.

A typical week for me may look like:
Mon: squat
Tue: bench
Wed: dead
Thu: bench
Fri: squat
Sat: bench
Sun: rest

Obviously the following week be starting with dead. I literally toggle upper/lower and just rotate through my exposures.

16 sets was just an example, but some of my lifters (for example, Kieran Grey) does more despite being heavy and advanced. Frequency may influence the sets. I'd look at historic training to get a gauge.

Keep in mind, GPE slots count, despite usually having a different fatigue. The other 3 classes will typically share fatigue.

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