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» VBT Guide (Go to post)19-09-2021 @ 22:57 
Henk said:
Very nice Aaron.
I bought a Texas Instruments BLE sensortag (£20) a while ago that contained an accelerometer and gyroscope amongst other sensors - my aim was to attach it to the bar and transmit the movement data to a phone app for immediate analysis (velocity, bar path etc).
I guess as you have a 3D image you can do bar path too.
Are you intending transmitting the data to an app?

Potentially! This would negate the need for the secondary display unit. It would just be the lidar.

With regards to accelerometers, unless you aren't accelerating it doesn't know displacement; you could accelerate up to 1ms, carry this on for a mile, and until you decelerate it wouldn't know!
You have to use integration to work out the area under the curve, but sadly isn't too accurate. I went down this route... Basically unless you are over 97% accuracy, the whole concept becomes moot.

But yeah, defo keen to look at the app side, you familiar with the API? Would you want the raw captures then do the processing of the data on the receiving device, or would you want to receive the processed data already? The pro to the former is not needing a powerful microcontroller... Would bring price down more and battery life up!
» VBT Guide (Go to post)16-09-2021 @ 18:56 
BigMacca said:
That looks awesome dude!
For £120, you can put me down for one!

on it!
» VBT Guide (Go to post)16-09-2021 @ 13:02 
Post Edited: 16.09.2021 @ 13:04 PM by AMH_Power
I've started to make my own velocity sensor which uses LIDAR (basically like RADAR, but Lasers instead of radio waves).
It's already fully functional, and rivals the accuracy of my Flex sensor (1000hz polling vs. the flexes 50hz). They are always within 0.01m of each other (I dare say this discrepancy is from the lockout height of left vs right side of the bar!).

It's accurate to 2mm within 4m.

It's currently only on a breadboard and using an Arduino Uno for processing. The final product is going on an Arduino Nano V3 (lower power consumption), will have a li-po battery (will take 10 hours to charge, but will only need charging every 1000 hours!).

I've had a quote for making a milled aluminium case with thick gorilla glass to make the thing bullet proof. It has no buttons beyond on/off, I want it simple as s**t (and cheap!)

I'm keen to get a laser accurate (literally) to lifters for under 120 quid.

Here's the prototype showing behaviour/code:

The last few days of learning has been STEEP. But it will be worth it in the end!

Keen for suggestions...

ps. If anyone is wondering, it sits on the floor, builds up a 3D image of everything above it, and then uses the lowest point of the image as the reference (will always be the bottom of the disc or the bar in absence of the disc). The sensor has a 25 degree field of view; so its very accurate even in the presence of lateral(x/y) movement of the bar despite tracking z.
» VBT Guide (Go to post)13-09-2021 @ 09:18 
EDCLARKE said:thanks for this very interesting , and best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to lifting.

Thanks mate!
» VBT Guide (Go to post)12-09-2021 @ 10:32 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Really sorry to hear about your health issues Aaron. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Sympathy didn't help anyone mate but I appreciate your kind words! Just a bit frustrating as I can deal with the stroke no drama, it's the dissection which can take up to 6 month to fully repair which means no straining etc.

So it's not even a physical limitation (well, my balance is a bit f**ked and one side of my body can't feel temperature, so it feels like permanent frost bite). But other than this I'm keen to lift heavy, I just don't want to go for my follow scan to be told its not healed and have to have another 6 month out after surgery as that would be the solution if it doesn't auto resolve.

Side note, just from what I saw in ICU and the COVID ward in hospital; the virus didn't seem to give a s**t about vaccine status in young people. The majority of people on the ward was within +/-10 years of me. The majority in there was vaccinated (I was the only one in the communal room that wasn't). Scary stuff.

Anyway, we ride at dawn. I've still got a 900+ to get
» VBT Guide (Go to post)12-09-2021 @ 09:56 
danbaseley said:Thanks for this - especially the bit on how to actually measure the bar speed.


Thanks mate!

Even without a velocity meter, it can all be done retrospectively, then on future sessions you can simply record your heaviest set, calculate velocity (and as such get your true % of what the weight is)... so you know your exact 1RM for that day. Great for tracking.

Or.. you can use the open source scientific software called 'tracker', you can use this to calculate velocity from a video mega accurately. When comparing it to my Flex velocity sensor which uses lasers, its within 0.01m/s of it!

I'll make a video some point to show how to use it
» VBT Guide (Go to post)11-09-2021 @ 23:10 
ps. All you need to do is fill in the green bits. The table lower down will auto populate. I wrote the spreadsheet so people actually understand wtf is going on, instead of some magical auto generator that people blindly follow.

I've left ALL the formulas open and explained how/why. This will allow coaches to rip parts and make their own format etc.
» VBT Guide (Go to post)11-09-2021 @ 23:08 
Post Edited: 12.09.2021 @ 09:59 AM by AMH_Power
If anyone is looking to get into VBT but wouldn't know where to start, I've wrote a mini-guide / one stop shop for building a velocity profile and giving examples of how to totally autoregulate load, sets, reps and fatigue %. The autoregulation requires a velocity meter, but tracking performance can all be done retrospectively purely from video (and a one time use of a tape measure to get your ROM).

Please feel free to share...

I'm taking on more of a coaching role at the minute as I sadly suffered a stroke due to covid trashing my left vertebral artery in my neck; leaving me with a f**ked cerebrellum and medula. So, for the next 6 months other lifters are my priority. I'll then be back stronger than ever. Using the methods in the spreadsheet, I got up to a 242.5 bench and got 250 half way! I doubled a 310 squat @RPE9, and did 6x6x270kg deadlift. I can't stress enough how effective VBT is when employed properly. It's sad to see some people using it purely for tracking purposes... this is crazy.

Anyway, I hope this helps others as much as it has (and will) myself.
» Powerlifting Bar between £300 and £500 (Go to post)09-09-2021 @ 10:15 
Post Edited: 09.09.2021 @ 10:18 AM by AMH_Power
Best 3 bars for price are Tiger Power bar, Rhino Strength Power bar and Rogue Ohio

The Rhino is like 230 quid or something and is legit IPF spec. The former a bit more (still under 300 if I remember right) and is outright incredible. Had mine 3 years and looks brand new. Had the Rhino under 2 month so can't comment on it's longevity but for the price its insane. Knurling is amazing.

For reference, I've owned a TPB buddy capps, Strength Shop bas***d bar and a titex.

The TPB rusted on the barrels, the strength shop bas***d bar snapped on me mid squat, and the titex just seemed to lose its knurling over time, even with plastic bristled brushing.

Depending on budget (these are all sound budget anyway), I honestly can't recommend anything other than:

low budget - Rhino Strengthshop Power bar:

mid budget - Tiger Pro Power Bar (this has actually come up in price to 329)

high budget - Rogue Ohio

I prefer the knurling on both the Rhino/Tiger vs the Ohio, but I prefer the thinner drum stop of the Ohio (except squatting with catch bars as I hit them haha).

The rogue ohio is a sound bar, but it is absolutely no where near twice the quality of the Rhino despite twice the price... this isn't to suggest the Ohio isn't a steal, it's more a testament to how good the Rhino pricing is. If anyone in West Yorkshire and wants to have a look at all three bars in person, give me a shout!
» Gym flooring (Go to post)20-04-2021 @ 12:25 
danbaseley said:That looks first class.

Great job there Aaron.

Just noticed the GHR, band pegs and dip station.


Thanks mate! Think I'm pretty much set. No excuse not to reach a 900+ total now haha
» Gym flooring (Go to post)20-04-2021 @ 11:15 
ps. If anyone is in the Calderdale area/West Yorkshire and stuck for anywhere to train you are more than welcome (or even just for a session). Not sure what the rules on visitors and s**t is so may need to consider.
» Gym flooring (Go to post)20-04-2021 @ 11:07 
Post Edited: 20.04.2021 @ 11:08 AM by AMH_Power
Finished. Thanks all for recommendations. Basically thin structural ply for the whole floor, 18mm hard rubber interlocking mats on top. Deadicated strengthshop deadlift frame.

Dropped 200kg from waist height and it can't be heard from upstairs (it's the lower ground/basement level of the house). Win.
» coronavirus (Go to post)17-04-2021 @ 12:03 
Post Edited: 17.04.2021 @ 12:04 PM by AMH_Power
What's the score with the vaccine analysis prints? Looking at them, it looks pretty grim for side effects etc.

I've not had the vaccine, and don't intend to this moment in time. Right now, other than personal immunity, it's still not clear if it stops the spread. It 'may' stop the spread on the grounds that it may reduce symptoms which obviously correlate to your infectiousness.

But, this means without the vaccine I could be a) asymptomatic and carry the same chance of spreading it as a vaccine recipient, or b) I'd have symptoms in which case I'd isolate.

So right now, it seems there isn't a community reason to take on the risk of the non-time tested product beyond a decreased risk of needing a hospital bed, but when people are getting s**t faced 1-2x a week I'm not sure I can justify ANY risk for the community for the small chance I'd take up a hospital bed. I'm pretty altruistic I'm nature but if it's not even clear if it reduces transmission, then getting s**t injected into me where nobody has any liability, especially without knowing the long term effects is a balance between heroic and idiotic.

As for personal immunity and treatment; Thymalin out performed all vaccine modalities/trials AND treatment methods. This would be my go to if s**t hit the fan.

It also extends human life and normalises the human genome. It's just really expensive, probably due to it's geroprotective nature.
» Joists (Go to post)10-04-2021 @ 16:02 
PeteHodgson said:Kinda looks like it has been burned/scorched. I burning is a treatment used for weatherproofing timber sometimes, but probably not for internal structures. So...Iím out. Sorry.

Edit: if it was this, thereíd be charcoal on your tool! Pardon!!

Donít be as strong, problem solved.

Haha thanks mate, these are under the bedrooms, the gym is in a concrete basement!
» Joists (Go to post)10-04-2021 @ 14:45 
jt said:Ground floor?

From the pic it looks like the timbers may have been painted with something which may now be falling off. Any aroma?

I would cut out a bit of the chipboard for a better inspection.

Do the cut over the centre of 2 joists to make the "rebuild" easier.

Just remember asbestos was not banned until 1999!!!!!!!!!

I have a theory that if your house is over 100years old and has not fallen down yet it is unlikely to do so.

Thanks mate. Battle I have is there's laminate flooring over the chipboard which means I can only work backward from an edge to get it up. From the bit I can get to, I've stabbed with a screw driver and it literally knocks as if hitting new timber. I can't push the screwdriver through it and can't get anything to crumble off...which I'm guessing is a good sign.

No aroma. Other than the colour (which is what prompted the post), it seems fine. Obviously reading horror stories of white rot etc, and flapped a bit. I can't find anything that resembles it so I'm wondering if it is some coating/treatment that's made it look this way and nothing to worry about.

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