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» Jonathan's Log (Go to post)09-10-2006 @ 11:05 
Post Edited: 28.11.2020 @ 20:46 PM by Jonathan
Buzz introduced me to the board a few days back so I am going to keep a log here. I have met most of you at Sugden back at the end of September, and obviously know Joni and Buzz well from

Quick training history and goals:

I have been training for just over three years. The first 15 months were crazy disco bodybuilding days where I mostly ignored my legs. I am deeply ashamed!
Been doing powerlifting since then, with strongman thrown in since about April this year. I do want to increase my powerlifting lifts, but strongman is my main objective. I would like to do my first competition next year, but I am not sure which one to do.

My main weakness is really my squat, so any imput would be appreciated. I have simply not been able to find a truly comfortable form, nor have I increased my squat in some time. I am pretty good at pressing (comparatively), my back is pretty strong and my grip is very strong. My arms are a weakness - this shows in lockouts on both bench and overhead, and stone lifting too.

I train three times a week, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday normally. I do powerlifting type stuff on Tuesday and Friday and then strongman on Sunday.

Here is this Sunday's strongman session:


52kg x 40m
132kg x 20m
192kg x 20m
232kg x 20m - easy
272kg x 10m, dropped at 7m. Too heavy just now. 232 is too easy - I think that I need to work around 250 for a bit.
272kg x 5m - nothing left!

Farmers walks:

30kg x 40m
70kg x 80m - cardio!
90kg x 40m
110kg x 40m - pb - never done more than 20m with anything over 100kg. Very hard, mainly the turn.

That was it, except for pinch gripping lots of plates back up to the house and a 75m walk with the 30's just to totally finish my arms off!

» The Legend of Toothpick (Go to post)09-10-2006 @ 10:55 
Just had a quick read through your log Rob - awesome progress in not a very long space of time! Keep up the good work Grin

» How much can you eat? (Go to post)09-10-2006 @ 10:47 
When I was 16 I managed 24 slices at an American all you can eat pizzaria at about 67kg bodyweight. I cannot eat anything like that anymore - the best I have managed in a day whilst actually keeping track of my eating is about 6700 cal.


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