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Sugdens Strongest Man 2 Approaches

25th February 2010 - Posted by Rob One of the strongman calendar's most eagerly awaited competitions, Sugdens Strongest Man, will take place on Saturday 6th March in Ashton, Manchester. The event will be hosted by long-time Sugden sponsor and leading strongman gym, Olympic Sports Gym.

The Olympic Sports Gym team have gone to great lengths to ensure an unforgettable venue, recently unveiling a specially designed head to head stones platform.

With over 15 competitors coming from as far a field as the Netherlands, the event promises to be an exciting battle for the mantle of Sugdens Strongest Man. Last years winner Nathan will be defending his crown after recovering from a knee injury.

The competition features a great set of events, including axle deadlift, overhead medley, fire engine arm over arm and head to head stones.

Please see the competition listing for full details and be sure to come along to witness a great day of strongman!
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