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Koklyaev Seminar Glasgow Palace of Arts 13/8

13th July 2010 - Posted by Rob Sugden Barbell favourite Misha Koklyaev will be performing in a seminar to be held at Glasgow's Palace of Arts on the 13th of August.

The seminar comes almost four years to the day since he last appeared at the location, when Sugden members Rob, Cuddles and Sparrow took a road trip from Manchester to see the Russian strongmen put on a display of strength not to be forgotten.

Koklyaev performed a 400kg deadlift, 240kg clean and jerk, 260x3 front squat and 150kg muscle snatch all in the same session. The Sugden Barbell video of the event has become one of the internets most popular strength videos - with close to 340,000 views.
To reserve tickets (10 per person), contact Paul Coyle using the following details:, Phone 07875124253 or 07817240388 or 07857971524.
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