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Guardian Online Worlds Strongest Man Article

5th December 2009 - Posted by Rob The Guardian Online today posted an article discussing World's Strongest Man 2009 - covering some encounters with the athletes in the hotel, as well as their approach to the plane pull event. The article contains some interesting quotes:
Mariusz Pudzianowski - "Now I have five times the World's Strongest Man. A long time ago I wanted to beat the guy who had won it four times [Iceland's Magnus Ver Magnusson]. Last year, I beat him. That was my goal. Now I am only for fun. Now when I go to event I give 100%, not 120% because 120% is impossible all the time."

Bill Kazmaier - "We say the measure of a man is how you react and all these guys are iron warriors. Some guys go to hospital, the tough guys go to the next event. Its a different breed."
Head over to the Guardian to read the full article (there are no spoilers).
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