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worlds strongest gay on jre

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WILLSANIconworlds strongest gay on jre23-01-2020 @ 17:48 
my chickens wont eat ants.
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pretty good interview. kearney is definitely a more likeable personality than oberst. wouldve liked to hear a bit more sport related stuff and a bit less 'gay role model' stuff but still a solid listen. he did nothing to combat the 'insular american' stereotype with his non existant knowledge of uk sport though. Grin
samue1sonIcon...23-01-2020 @ 21:24 
what kind of giant cant squat 200kg ??
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I've only watched about 20 minutes of it and he comes across likeable to me.

Rogan can make an interview amazing or sometimes just hard to watch.

This was middle ground.
I'm surprised how little Rogan knew about strongman. He usually seems to do some pre-guest homework but I'm not sure he is that interested, other than mild curiosity at a freak show sport.

He needs to get Licis on there, that's for sure.
The_Lone_WolfIcon...24-01-2020 @ 09:47 
I eat a lot of meat
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I'll probably end up watching the snippets that JRE uploads, but Rob always seems like a good guy.

I like that he's open about his live, his sexuality and views. I guess that gives him a niche than some other.
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