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» The evolution of strongman... (Go to post)05-01-2011 @ 21:04 
I think that it will keep getting higher and higher as the years go on, it will only ever stop when the body can not evolve anymore. If you look at how big people were 100-200 years ago, the tall people were about 5' 10" now tall people like me are 6' 7"! So it will keep going I think.

Pompy- I think you are right with the crossfit guys, some are capable of 250+ deadlifts, big Olympic lifts etc, as well as being able to run 10k without breaking a sweat. I think that although it would be great for strongman to go mainstream, as soon as it does it's going to get a lot harder very quick!

Once there is big money in the sport then there will be some mega tough competition! Just look at bodybuilding as a reference, 70 years ago there was no money in it, then it went mainstream (mainly in the US) and now they can earn millions, but look at how much people pump themselves full of gear to get there!
» tyres...............where the hell do I get them from?? (Go to post)26-10-2010 @ 19:07 
I would go for the heavy ones but I dont have the space to keep them and a mate of mine in Bristol has a massive 400kg one.

I got one earlier from a truck tyre place, should be good for carrying and sledgehammer work. Just need to find one about 100kg and one about 150-200kg for my outdoor classes that I'll be starting soon.

Going to show Bristol that a circuit class's dont have to be all press ups and sit up bo***cks! Gonna have some dragging, sledgehammers, tyre flips, sandbags, kettlebells................proper stuff to play with!!

I'll have a look at a quarry near me tomorrow and see what happens. Fingers crossed!
» tyres...............where the hell do I get them from?? (Go to post)26-10-2010 @ 10:19 
Live near Bristol. I thought about tyre yards etc but cant find any.

Cars? Bit small those tyres. lol
» tyres...............where the hell do I get them from?? (Go to post)26-10-2010 @ 10:09 
Hi everyone. I really need a couple of Tyres to use for training. Ive been looking around and really want 1 or 2 OSH KOSH Tyres, but Ive been googling and cant find where to get them from.

Ideally I need 1 tyre that is about 100kg 1 thats 150kg and 1 about 200kg but prefer short wide ones like the Osh kosh ones.

Any Ideas?? Dont mind if I have to buy them or if quarries are giving them away but need some asap!

Cheers Guys
» Where can i get hold of a power rack (Go to post)18-09-2010 @ 12:04 
Im looking for 150 for the rack. As i was going to put it on ebay for that price as a buy it now. I really dont want to sell it but need the room. So gotta get some squat stands instead.
» Training and diet (Go to post)16-09-2010 @ 10:05 
I think the main thing you may need to add to your workouts are compound movements. So if you dont do them already, Front/Back squats, Deadlifts, Power Cleans, Snatch's, Military press etc. Any exercises that get multiple muscle groups working together. Maybe just slot these into your existing workout in place of one or two isolation movements.

Also try and build a really strong core that will help a hell of a lot. I have managed to keep my bodyweight steady whilst getting stronger as my muscles are becoming more efficient at using the energy they have.

Your diet sound very clean which is good, as long as there is loads of veg and fruit in it. A lot of people make the mistake of just eating loads, but it needs to be the right calories you take in, not just as many as possible. Good luck for your training, its a great sport to get into.
» Rob at WSM!! (Go to post)14-09-2010 @ 23:49 
Anyone else excited about the big man Rob Frampton?? Just seen on bookface that he is apparently competing at WSM!!! SWEET!
» Where can i get hold of a power rack (Go to post)14-09-2010 @ 23:47 
Well I wouldnt really say that I live in or near yorkshire............Bristol in fact. But I know TNT will courier it?? Bout 50 quid mind as its massive!
» Where can i get hold of a power rack (Go to post)14-09-2010 @ 10:24 
what are they worth? Ive seen new ones for about 240 on ebay and google. This one is used but in very good nick, few scratches here and there but only small.
» Stone Lifting... (Go to post)13-09-2010 @ 16:49 
I think with stones you either have to work damn hard at them or you can somehow just do it. I can rep a 160kg to about 4 1/2 ft (whatever that is in inches??) @ 105kg bodyweight, a mate of mine who beats me in static strength in every lift can just about get 140kg and he is 120kg bodyweight.

I find that exercises that mimic stones are best so just take a bit of time to think about what is similar. Maybe sumo deadlift on a platform, sandbag work to improve gripping with youre forearms. Anything where you are starting in a similar position.

I just cant wait to finally do a competition with stones in it.
» Where can i get hold of a power rack (Go to post)13-09-2010 @ 16:06 
I might be selling one soon as I dont think where Im moving to has room in the garage for one. Ive got one of the bodymax ones with the pull up bars etc.
» Personal Training Qualifications (Go to post)07-09-2010 @ 16:59 
thosebananas said:I didnt really give any info in my question so ill elaborate.

Im 21, have 3-4 years experience, working in the leisure industry - life guard, first aid, coaching kids various sports on a daily basis (summer scheme mainly), coaching handicapped and disabled kids and adults, also stepped in to cover some (boring) aerobics/circuits classes as well.

Ive got various qualifications in this industry but don't have anything down the line of PT.

I'd basically like to complete the package so i could potentially up sticks for a year and go live/work in a random city. So id need/want a worldwide recognised qualification to get my foot in the door. Although from reading random snippets from various manuals, i hardly agree with anything taught. "squats are bad, zone diet is good etc etc"

Im at uni this year - "part time" - so don't receive any funding, would i be able to get funding to do a PT course?

Cheers for all the replys so far.

I have actually just qualified through Future Fit as a PT. The course has cost me a total of 4k But for this I have done my level 2, level 3 PT, Circuit Training, Sports nutrition, Anatomy and physiology, Gp referal and will be doing the NVQ level 3.

So Its a lot for your money.

Personally you need to go with a company that has a good reputation, as if you have a qualification from a crap one then everyone in the fitness industry knows its a crap qualification, So you would be unlikely to get into a gym.

Personally I would go for a level 3 PT qualification and the Crossfit level 1 course. You could do quite well with that.

As for spreading the cost, I pay about 195 p/m on a direct debit to them, which Ive almost paid off.

But the big companies over here like future fit, premier and I think lifetime are all well recognised in the States, Australia etc as many people come over here to do them as they are a higher standard.

The main thing to remember is that when on the PT course they should tell you that what they are teaching is just to give you the basics, and to train safely and effectively. We were encouraged to make up all sorts of exercises. And I have realised that it doesnt matter how good you are as a trainer, if you cant market yourself well you will struggle. Its all about promoting yourself and marketing!
» cross training for strongman? (Go to post)03-09-2010 @ 10:18 
Im hoping im very blessed, but I doubt it. But I'm cutting fat, which can be done at the same time as increasing lean muscle mass. But I sort of have to know how to force your body to do this as im a personal trainer.

Im just burning more fat constantly as lean muscle mass increases.
» cross training for strongman? (Go to post)02-09-2010 @ 14:49 
Sparrow said:
I too want to come in leaner (at around the same weigt) next season.
Do you not think, and no offence is intended here, that your primary focus should be getting your static strength up?

Well my static strength is going up. Because I have a lot more power and core strength all of my lifts have gone up. My squat from about 200kg to 210kg for 2, My deadlift from 205kg to 215kg, and my overhead has gone from 100kg to 110kg (Oly bar).

I just know how to use my body a lot better now. I cant see any bad points to shedding fat and getting stronger at the same time.
» cross training for strongman? (Go to post)02-09-2010 @ 10:48 
I have found with the few comps I have done that some of the bigger guys who have a HELL of a lot more strength than me, lag behind on moving events because they dont have the conditioning to back up the strength. I know a lot of people think that if the event is 90 seconds long then they only need to train for 90 sec events. The only problem with this is that after that 90 seconds they are absolutely destroyed.

Ive done events where I have finished in 1 minute (long medley), and the strong guys finish in 3 mins+ due to lack of conditioning to be at max effort and quick at the smae time. Im by no means stronger, as max weight events they will kill me at, but because I can get very good times at everything that involves being quick and needs stamina I keep up with everyone.


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