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» Any gyms in Heathrow?? (Go to post)17-05-2011 @ 10:35 
As the title says....Anyone know any good gyms in or around Heathrow?? Wanted to go to Golds Gym just to see what it is like but 15 for a pass!!! f**k that s**t!

Any suggestions??
» Bin Laden! (Go to post)02-05-2011 @ 09:42 
Anyone else liking the fact that that smug bas***d has now been shot straight between the eyes!!

Whats the bet that they tortured the f**k out of him before that though??
» Lean Hybrid muscle reloaded program by the guys at strength camp. (Go to post)01-05-2011 @ 15:45 
I love this guys motivational videos about sets and reps........"SHUT THAT s**t OFF!!" Awesome stuff!

Had a look at some of the sample videos of the workouts and it is almost identical to Crossfit. If you go on the workout lengths are shorter but the style of workouts e.g. Strength, Functional and Cardio based days are the same.

The main thing about crossfit is that it is completely free! and they put up new workouts every day! I dropped a load of bodyfat on those workouts last year and got stronger, even being able to do 5 muscle ups!

The guy is great for motivation, but before you shell out the money look at cross fit first and you will see how similar it is!
» First comp in 2 weeks time (Go to post)18-04-2011 @ 09:01 
First of all good luck for the comp.

I have played around with my pre comp rest and nutrition, started with 6 days rest and carbed up from thursday to the comp on Sunday. I found this didnt work for me as I felt sluggish as I hadnt trained for so long.

Next one took my rest to 3 days and kept the same theory of carb loading for 2 1/2 days. Felt better but a bit sluggish from too much food.

Now I have found the perfect balance.....I keep training hard until im 5 days away from a comp (tuesday this week as I have one on sunday), then Wednesday I get in a lighter session on any bodyparts I feel need some work. Then I have 3 days of rest. I eat approx 200 cal more per day than I normally would for a few days then 400 more the day before.

On the day I have a big breakfast, weetabix, yoghurt, honey and toast. Then a protein shake when I get there about an hour before the comp (give it time to digest though before it starts), and a pre workout supp just before I start!

Then through the day I drink energy drinks, powerade etc along with a lot of haribo for quick energy!

This might not work for you but as you can se its finding what works for you, and might take a couple of comps to get it.
» What is banned for natural guys??? (Go to post)02-04-2011 @ 09:09 
Well I'm debating it as no one has really mentioned what is being tested for, whether there is a list or just everything in the anti doping banned list.

I'm not worried as I've never taken anything like pro hormones etc, but I was worried about creatines, certain things in the normal products I take etc.

I was going to go through the ingredients on my tubs but each one has about 100 things in it, and to check every one against that massive WADA list will take about 3 months!!
» What is banned for natural guys??? (Go to post)02-04-2011 @ 00:37 
Entered Southern Qualifier for Britains natural but looked at the list on WADA and im confused and worried?

I currently take Mutant Mass, USN Muscle Fuel STS, BSN Cellmass NT and Centrum sport specific multivitamin.

Just hoping there isnt anything on here that is banned that anyone knows of? Just took me about an hour to figure out what was in 1 of them as the writing is so damn small!

Was looking at taking a natural test booster as well(not a dodgy PH but just your average Tribulus jobbie).

Any help would be much appreciated!
» Britains Natural Strongest man 2011 SOUTHERN QUALIFIER (Go to post)02-04-2011 @ 00:31 
Just wondering, I havent had an entry form yet????? Am I meant to have had one by now, was told I was down for it but just want to check? If theres a form I can download ill get it in asap!
» Strongmen - Your 1st competition.... (Go to post)01-04-2011 @ 08:48 
I'd just go for it! My first comp had an overhead medley (overhead being my weak area) and I couldnt finish it, but there are ALWAYS people in the same boat as you and you'll make up for low or no reps on some things by doing really well in your strong events!

I was really nervous at my first comp, even had to go and have a nervous poo! But it went well, and so I was less nervous at my next one. By my third comp I really enjoyed it, and just let the adrenalin kick in! Every comp I have been to to watch or compete in has had a great atmosphere and usually everyone is there for the people as well as the comp, I know I was!

Good luck and just give it your best shot!

Oh and Continental cleans are the way forward! Up to your belt, rest the bar and change grip then up to your chest. I found it saves so much energy since I was shown that!
» how does your max strict press compare to your max push press (Go to post)31-03-2011 @ 13:37 
Strict 80, push press 110, log 100. Log may be due to the position of it though?
» Rob Frampton 505kg 18'Deadlift (Go to post)29-03-2011 @ 19:41 
Pompy said:While agree that anyone is entitled to their opinion whether they can do the lift or not... people should be careful how they word stuff. Especially on the web where it can be written once and read infinitely.

I would think a wsm competitor, one of britains top strongmen , and above all probably the most helpful pro strongmen around Shud be granted some respect.

This doesnt just go for Rob but most top guys who post videos occasionally.

Top man! I agree entirely, even if what I said first came out a bit jumbled! I blame it on my small brain! I like weights I do!
» Rob Frampton 505kg 18'Deadlift (Go to post)29-03-2011 @ 18:30 
Didn't mean that people have to be the best to comment, It's just annoying when someone has a massive achievement like this and there is always someone who criticises the technique straight away rather than saying a massive 'well done', or something positive.

I'm sure a lot of peoples technique goes down the pan when hitting a PB, my 230kg deadlift looked like s**t, but I was proper proud of it still.

But everyone has an opinion and I still respect them all as it's the sport I love!
» Rob Frampton 505kg 18'Deadlift (Go to post)29-03-2011 @ 09:55 
dr_hazbun said:Whilst getting 500+kg to shift is very impressive, you didn't really lift that did you. Hitch aside, your legs were never close to locking out.

Not sure that it really matters whether rob locked out or not, its half a bloody tonne! I think people should only criticise technique/position etc when they can do it too!

Amazing lift! Wish I could even move that........Maybe I could move 505kg if I rolled it along the ground!
» Strength-tec novice !! April 24th !! (Go to post)28-03-2011 @ 06:44 
Ha ha, whoops! Thought I'd been missed........just realised you put me down as Ed studmuffin! And there I was searching for my last name! I Must be tired, or just stoopid for missing that one.
» Strength-tec novice !! April 24th !! (Go to post)25-03-2011 @ 16:41 
You missed me off the list........
» Once again80kg stone?? (Go to post)23-03-2011 @ 14:16 
Just wondered if anyone has an 80kg stone going?? Got a full set from JT but just need an 80 pretty sharpish.


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