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Haha, too right
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Training run
4.2 miles in 39:13 (9:18 mins/mile average)
Splits: 8:43, 9:32, 9:36, 9:26
28:53 for the 5K
Average HR 176bpm (zone 5)
Max HR 185bpm

Went out with the sole aim of running 4 miles (previously longest run has been 3.2), ideally faster than 10 mins/mile but that was a secondary aim. This felt tough all the way through - the first mile did not feel as quick as 8:43 - and I had to deliberately slow down a few times to get my breathing under control before speeding up again. A few times I tried to up my pace to sub-9 mins/mile but I couldn't sustain it today.

Data is a bit all over the place. I must have been walking up and down the street outside my house waiting for my Garmin to get a GPS signal for about 10 minutes before I gave up and went back into the house to get my iPhone and use the Strava app. After about 0.4 miles the Garmin woke up. I bought myself a HR strap but that only works with the watch and not the iPhone. Thus, distance/pace data comes from the Strava iPhone app; HR data comes from the Garmin and is therefore incomplete.
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)03-02-2015 @ 14:21 
Nice - no issues with snow/ice? I'm planning on getting out later, was a bit slippery around here earlier though.

Get yourself on Strava!
» Name your own WOD (Go to post)03-02-2015 @ 11:39 
PhillippeHalter said:"One for the not so strong strongman"

30 KBS
30 BJ
30 PU
10 KBS
10 BJ
10 PU
20 KBS
20 BJ
20 PU

That's a f**k of a lot of blow jobs
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Training Sun 1st Feb @ home

A: Safety bar squat
Week 4/4 of Robertson cycle (3 x 5 x 85%)
Worked up to 3 x 5 x 105kg with belt
Felt solid but was tough... will increase training max by 10kg for next 4 weeks

B1: Jungle Gym rows
6 x 8
Shortened straps by 1" after 2nd set and by a further 2" after 4th set

B2: Put away stuff from squats
Had everything away by 4th set of rows, good way of keeping HR up

C1: Valslide hamstring curls
3 x 6
See here:
Cracking hamstring activation

C2: Jungle Gym push-ups
3 x 10
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)31-01-2015 @ 23:46 
Boar said:the top runners do about 3 steps per second !!

I looked into buying a jungle jim / TRX and after studying them I think I will make one myself and use the $$$ to put towards a new barbell !

great work on the weightloss !

25 - cheap as chips:
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)31-01-2015 @ 17:33 
lol, that would not pass health and safety

Think there must be something in the air today because I've been coughing lots post-run.It snowed here overnight so maybe cold, moist air f**king with us?
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Post Edited: 31.01.2015 @ 13:07 PM by b_rex
Weight 14 stone 11
I passed the 2 stone lost mark this week. I reckon I've got another stone, stone and a half to go.

Training run
3.17 miles in 27:55 (8:48 mins/mile)
Splits: 8:30, 8:52, 9:03
27:20 for the 5k

New PB for a mile & 5K. Not sure where this came from. I read a post by Boar on the doc's journal that I should be focusing on cadence rather than stride length, so I did, and I was fairly easily able to sustain a faster pace. I was very tired by the end but my last mile was still faster than my fastest mile on Tuesday. I'm sweating like a bas***d now though Grin

I'm a lot more optimistic about my sub-26 minute 5k goal now.
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)31-01-2015 @ 13:05 
Impressive pace there man. I was feeling pretty chuffed with the run I just did but you've put a crimp on that now, ya fast bugger. Grin
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Post Edited: 30.01.2015 @ 17:59 PM by b_rex
I took the decision to switch from a split of lower/upper/deadlift to full body on all 3 sessions. I essentially ended up doing too much lower body stuff and I wanted to re-balance my training week a bit.

Each session will have a squat movement, a hinge, an upper push and an upper pull; likewise each session will have a "main" lift.
Sunday - squat
Wednesday - deadlift
Friday - bench

So, first full-body session tonight.

Training Friday 30th Jan @ home

Not sure why I continue to specify "@ home" when every session I do is at home and has been since October 3rd...

A: Bench press
5/3/1 week 3
5 x 72.5kg
3 x 82.5kg
5 x 90kg
Slightly disappointed with this after 8 x 87.5 last week. I felt pretty tired beforehand and I have done some form of pressing on the last two days. After the 82.5kg set I set 5 reps as the minimum for 90kg and I could not have done a single rep more.

B1: Bulgarian split squat
3 x 6/side with 20kg weight vest
Fairly light to start with - my balance sucks.

B2: Close grip bench press
3 x 5 x 80kg

C1: Barbell bentover row from rack
(like Pendlay rows but not from floor)
4 x 8 x 50kg

C2: KB swings
3 x 10 x 24kg
Hamstrings a bit sore and tired so I kept sets/reps on the low end today.

Pretty tired now, haven't done full-body for a while!
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)30-01-2015 @ 17:57 
Post Edited: 30.01.2015 @ 18:13 PM by b_rex
General_ill said:Running swimming rowing powerlifting, THE ULTIMATE MALE.

Men want to be him, women want to be with him: The Doc.
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)29-01-2015 @ 18:32 
Cosgrove Evil 8 complex
Weight: 40kg
Rest: 90 seconds

The first 3 sets sucked. I got my breath back in time between sets though. Each set was pretty comfortable after the cleans, which I found to be the hardest and most tiring exercise. 40kg front/back squats were a nice active rest to be honest. The cleans/front squat/push press trio in the middle has made my wrists hurt now. I had to put the bar down after the front squats because I couldn't stay in the clean grip long enough and then couldn't transition back to a good grip for pressing from the bodybuilder-style front squat grip.

I don't have a time for the whole thing because my iPhone battery died after the 5s (I was about 6 mins in at that point) but I was strict with the 90 second rest periods. I breezed through the last 3 sets, so I was probably somewhere in the region of 13-14 mins.
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Post Edited: 28.01.2015 @ 20:04 PM by b_rex
Training Weds 28th Jan @ home - lower body

Trap bar deadlifts - high handle
5/3/1 week 2

3 x 127.5kg
3 x 145kg
8 x 162.5kg (belted)
That's vs 10 x 155kg last week.

3 x 3 x 145kg (beltless)

KB clean & press
Done in between the down-sets of DLs:
6/side x 16kg
2 x 6/side x 20kg

KB swing
5 x 10 x 24kg
Put all my kit away during rest periods, so I was constantly moving for a good 6-7 mins.
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 21:40 
Would like to try a proper hill but Abingdon is flatter than a witch's tit. The biggest "hill" I can run up is barely half a mile and only about 3% at its steepest.
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 17:50 
Training run
3.2 miles in 29:22 (9:11 mins/mile)
9:08, 9:13, 9:20 splits
28:33 for the 5km

Pleased with this. Drank way too much on Saturday and still feel like I'm recovering (hence no lifting since Friday), so I was dreading this run but it actually went fine.

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