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» bench size (Go to post)25-03-2015 @ 14:44 
justaboutpastit said:
With this in mind what is the standard size of a PL comp Bench? (In the hope my bench is too narrow and too high hence why my bench sucks....Grin)

In the IPF:
1. Length - not less than 1.22 m and shall be flat and level.
2. Width - not less than 29 cm and not exceeding 32 cm.
3. Height - not less than 42 cm and not exceeding 45 cm measured from the floor to the top of the padded surface of
the bench without it being depressed or compacted. The height of the uprights, which must be adjustable, shall be a
minimum of 75 cm to a maximum of 110 cm measured from the floor to the bar rest position.
» bench size (Go to post)25-03-2015 @ 11:58 
Definitely - you'll be more stable on a wider, lower bench (up to a certain point). My own bench is about 10cm higher than a standard PL competition bench and I have to use an aerobic step to raise my feet sufficiently to allow me to get proper leg drive!
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)24-03-2015 @ 18:25 
Post Edited: 24.03.2015 @ 18:26 PM by b_rex
Training run
5.1 miles in 45:57 (9:01 mins/mile)

Splits: 8:37, 8:43, 9:01, 9:26, 9:21

Avg HR 173, max 182

Felt good throughout. First 2.5 miles or so I was in a good rhythm but then I turned into a headwind and it sapped the energy from my legs. From then on I couldn't find that easy rhythm again and my pace dropped. I need to do some faster 4-5 mile runs at the weekends instead of just doing 5Ks.

I ran a new route today - along the River Ock, then along the Thames. The sun was low in the sky and it was quite beautiful. Right at the end I was running through my own neighbourhood by the park: my thighs were burning, my calves were tight and all I could think about was stopping. But then, with the sun casting that beautiful golden light all over the trees and grass, Bon Jovi's It's My Life came on my iPod shuffle and sent me to the most ridiculous runner's high. It was pretty cheesy.
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)24-03-2015 @ 18:25 
dr_hazbun said:
Cheers dude!
I'm in a kind of twilight zone at the moment. I'll organise a run with you when normality resumes.

Take your time!

BTW, I ate a B-REX burger at Byrons on George Street yesterday.

I saw that they had started doing a "B-REX"! I guess I should try it. No one calls me B-Rex anymore Unhappy
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)24-03-2015 @ 12:32 
Congrats man!
» Would eggs be a perfect substitute for meat? (Go to post)23-03-2015 @ 17:57 
McMuffin_Gains said:Not sure if srs..

IMO - In a word - No.

Take beef, the best but least 'healthy' of common meats.

If I ate 250g of quality mince (15%) (a modest amount) I would get approx. 65g of Protein in 625 kCal

To equal that protein intake you would need to consume 11 LARGE eggs at 858 kCal and also the amount of cholesterol would be 9 times higher!

If you wanted to avoid the cholesterol you could use Egg whites, but they taste s**t without the yoke and would need the equivalent of 19 LARGE eggs worth!

Eggs have their place but they certainly ain't no replacement.

Stick to meat good sir.

There is zero connection between dietary cholesterol and cholesterol in your blood. The whole "egg yolks raise cholesterol" is based on a really badly designed epidemiological study from the 50s and has been debunked over and over again.
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)21-03-2015 @ 09:55 
Post Edited: 21.03.2015 @ 09:57 AM by b_rex
Abingdon Parkrun 5K
5km in 24:46 (7:54 mins/mile)

Splits: 7:46, 8:13, 7:56

Avg HR 180, max 194

Another 5K PB. Then ran home (just under a mile in 9 mins ish).
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)20-03-2015 @ 19:25 
Boar said:that soft focus is a keeper !! nice fronties , do you not have a long enough gardeninum to make a longer shot videogram ?

It's long enough, there just isn't anywhere to rest my phone further away. I'd either need wifely support or to get my proper camera and tripod out which seems a bit overkill for lifting vids!
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)20-03-2015 @ 19:16 
Training Fri 20th March

A1: Bench press
5/3/1 week 2
No lift-off this week as I trained before my wife got home from work
3 x 72.5kg
3 x 82.5
8 x 92.5

A2: KB goblet squat
3 x 8 x 16kg

B1: More bench press
3 x 5 x 87.5

B2: KB swing
3 x 10 x 28kg
First use of new KB!

C: Chin-ups
4 x 5 x BW

D1: Barbell glute bridge
3 x 8 x 80kg

D2: Barbell roll-outs
3 x 6
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)19-03-2015 @ 17:28 
dr_hazbun said:G man. I'm keen.

11th or 18th April? I could pick you up on my way from Abingdon.
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)18-03-2015 @ 12:46 
dr_hazbun said:
The run was all out. Max effort so to speak. Maintaining that pace for any longer let alone the whole thing once again seems unthinkable.
Fancy it one Saturday?

dr_hazbun said:Heels elevated front squat- I do these by placing some heel inserts into my squat boot.

We all know you were wearing your wife's high heels.
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)17-03-2015 @ 18:02 
How come you're doing lunges? Seems a bit "la-di-da" for you Tongue

Fast run. Reckon you've got a sub-20 minute 5K in you?
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)17-03-2015 @ 18:01 
Training run
6.0 miles in 54:59 (9:10 mins/mile)

Splits: 8:56, 9:01, 9:25, 9:18, 9:11, 9:06

Avg HR 175 bpm, max 187

Ran around the Abingdon ring road - flat first 2 miles, slight incline next 2 and then slight downhill last 2. I wish I lived within walking/running distance of a proper hill, I'd quite like to do some hill runs. Anyway, pleased with this run - longest yet and reasonably comfortable. I'd like to push up to 8-9 miles over the next 4 weeks and then taper down for the 10k on May 10th.
» A doctor's routine (Go to post)15-03-2015 @ 17:36 
Post Edited: 15.03.2015 @ 17:37 PM by b_rex
dr_hazbun said:
Lost touch with OUPLC. Is that lad a student?

I was in Iffley a few months ago and Dave told me about a new guy who was insanely strong and young. Not eligible for Varsity though if I recall.
» From B-Rex to T-Rex (Go to post)15-03-2015 @ 16:44 
120kg front squat

130kg in soft focus:

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