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» City full of crazies. (Go to post)04-12-2009 @ 00:42 
stainless said:
I used to get the Neilston train all the time,full of nice chatty pleasant people,except for one really anti social bloke with a beard who puts his feet up on the seats and growls at every body.

Haha! If you got the Neilston line, you must know the torment of the last train home!
» Who do people say you look like? (Go to post)03-12-2009 @ 00:07 
f**kin' hell! Epic video! Totally awesome.
» Toby's training log (Go to post)02-12-2009 @ 21:09 
Post Edited: 02.12.2009 @ 21:10 PM by Wiegieboard
Another session and another PB! Good going dude. Your squats are improving at a frightening rate!
The lift off is approaching fast now.
» Who do people say you look like? (Go to post)02-12-2009 @ 20:57 
Who I look like is an ongoing debate with the world.

Justin timberlake,
Boy Goerge,
Quentin Tarentino,
Charles Bronson,
Wayne Rooney (most accurate)

Those are just a few of what I get.
» David Morgan, 1984 and 1988 Olympics (Go to post)02-12-2009 @ 00:34 
That was spectacular to watch.
» Bigger - Faster -Stronger 'Documentry' (Go to post)01-12-2009 @ 15:24 
Was a very interesting watch......think I'll stick to steak, mashed potatoes and a glass of milk though.
» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)01-12-2009 @ 15:14 
Post Edited: 01.12.2009 @ 22:42 PM by Wiegieboard
OK so this now baldy weed is getting psyched up for the squats again today. I had a nice long sleep last night.

When I went to Perth I slipped off the wagon of no drink and polished off a bottle of Jack which seemed like a good idea at the time but was an idea I'm now not very proud of. The chap who I was making my way home with was also K.O.d until about mid afternoon so I never left early enough to make training. I was looking forward to my first week of 4s too.(Have decided to do 4s instead of 6s)

Since then I've been sleeping, resting and eating religiously, even going to the quiet room at lunchtimes in college to close my eyes for a little bit.

I'm looking forward to these squats. I'm going balls to the wall tonight!


The session was good.


Only went to parallel on two of the reps

Using a slightly wider stance this time. When I squat just past shoulder width I'm resting on my hunkers only slightly below parallel. With my legs slightly wider than just past shoulder width, my bottom position is a good bit lower. On my last two sets I had to concentrate on using some aggression and not laugh because I was hit with that high sticking point again. Off the floor I'm feeling great now, almost like an elastic band, but at that high sticking point, I slow right down until I pass it. When I pass the sticking point I boing right up there to finish the squat. It's something I'll have to work on as I reckon it must be due to a fault in technique somewhere?

I had some great coaching from Bryan and Stevie tonight. They always get me doing things better every week and feeling comfortable seems to be so important for your concentration. I'm coming on. Slowly!, but progress is progress!

Benching was fun tonight.


The bar feels so steady in my hands now. I've also found my foot position.

Barbell rows:

I went climbing a couple of days back so took it pretty easy with these badboys tonight.

All in all, I'm still learning how to squat a little safer every week and I know that I have a long way to go, but journeys are fun for me. I think hard about getting my 150kg squat one day which spurns me on even when I leave the centre for the night. I can't wait until the next week arrives as I'm determined to be as strong as you buggers one day.

Al, Bry and I were doing the same thing on Friday but he was in Inverness and I was in Perth. I actually called him at about 3am. He said I sounded like Mars Attacks. AK AK AK AKAK AAK AK!
» City full of crazies. (Go to post)01-12-2009 @ 15:03 
MarkClegg said:
Sounds like its you with the drug problem .. Medication = Drugs , Never seen people administer by rubbing on ones face though .. And you`ve got some fast growth you say ? how much does that cost?
questions need to be asked of yourself - Do you talk to strangers ???Confused


I'm giving "Faces of meth" a whole new meaning. I rub the stuff into my eyes, nose, pores, everything......and they aren't strangers man, we're all children of the earth as she screams through this psychedelic and ever expanding cosmos of loooooove.
» City full of crazies. (Go to post)01-12-2009 @ 00:32 
Namonster said:
Mate I agree with that so much. I think your opinion sums up my hatred for people lol.
Weige - What part of Glasgow were you in?

I live outside the southside in a s**tty village called Neilston. I travel to training by train and underground/bus. Where I meet the majority of the crazies.
» City full of crazies. (Go to post)30-11-2009 @ 18:43 
Some great replies and posts have been made on here. The general consensus is that people are c**ts but as for the genuinely mentally ill, there's a valid point.
Mental health care was cut in the 80s and drug use is on the increase. Two possible contributing factors to the wackjobs roaming our city streets?

I know that some of you guys are a good bit older than I am. Do the older of you think that the problem is worse now than say it was in the early 80s or 70s? Or was it worse back then?

One thing that I can't stand is drunks and druggies trying to waffle on at people, especially the ones who take offence if people ask to be left alone to do what they're doing. If they're minding their own business I have no problem with them at all (yes I may be anti social, but everyone has the right to peace surely?), but when they start hassling teenage kids or lone women it's a different story.

As for the beard,
I had to shave my beard off to put some medication on my face unfortunately. It will be coming back though and I have fast growth!
» City full of crazies. (Go to post)30-11-2009 @ 01:17 
I have no beard now.

I went into Glasgow today for a half hour.

In that time, Some wackjob said I should use shower gel for my hands whilst I was washing my hands in the public s**tter. I said no to it and then he demanded that I use the shower gel on my hands. I told him that it's alright, I was happy with what I was using.

Then in the street, a group of crazy bas***ds were walking down the street howling (none had 3 wolf moon t shirts), kicking bins, banging into windows and generally being loud and obnoxious.

Then in the train station, some bloke comes up (I thought he was going to fall over) but he moved the tip of my friends shoe off of a seat and said that folk had to sit on the seat. I was thinking as to why he moved the shoe and didn't ask him to move the shoe, but he had a fair point so we said fair dos and he went and sat in his seat. Then later on he came up and started speaking about about shoes on seats, so I told him that he had already talked about shoes to me earlier in the journey and off he went.

What the f**k is with people and such a high proportion of mental illness?

Why do they also feel the need to try and speak to every single person in the street and behave in such an obnoxious manner wherever they go?

I imagine that they must be pretty threatening to young women (men also!) who are going home from work late or whatever. What are your thoughts on these crazy f**kers?
» Police and power (Go to post)28-11-2009 @ 18:45 
Rick said:You've aroused my curiosity. Do people assault you often? And if so, is it business or pleasure?

As a skinny, heavy metal kid with long hair growing up in Glasgow, you get into a few situations unfortunately.

Nobody has bothered me in ages now though. I think that it's the beard.
» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)28-11-2009 @ 18:03 
I'm really sorry I missed training today guys.
I didn't manage to get back from Perth until after 4 o'clock.
» Do all of these massage n stuff work (Go to post)28-11-2009 @ 17:59 
Post Edited: 28.11.2009 @ 18:00 PM by Wiegieboard
I have used deep tissue massage to get over a number of physical problems with regard to poor muscle tissue quality. It works, especially with regards to flexibility issues and cramp etc. A flexible muscle with high tissue quality is much more resistant to injury than a stiff muscle.
Massage helps with regards to injured muscle also. Scar tissue is a terrible problem within a muscle, massaging scar tissue during healing properly maintains flexibility where otherwise the tissue would stiffen.
» Police and power (Go to post)28-11-2009 @ 17:40 
Post Edited: 28.11.2009 @ 17:50 PM by Wiegieboard
It's of my opinion that if anyone decides to assault me, their life now belongs to me and is mine to do with as I please.
Careful wording and an understanding of Scottish law has seen people who have attempted to assault me both receive the best pasting that I could possibly give them at that time and also a jail sentence. The most recent person who attempted to assault me, tried to do so with a knife. His name was Paul Anthony White and shortly after he was sent to jail over the incident, someone actually murdered him in prison quite ironically with a knife. I'll admit that I laughed when I was told. I believe that random and unprovoked assaults should be dealt with in a much heavier handed way.
I also believe that agreed fights between two consenting adults should be legal IF both parties agree to pay for their own medical treatment after the fight.

As for property, I believe that everyone should have the right to live peacefully in their own home without fear of intrusion. I also believe that everyone should be allowed to defend their property in any way that is needed to turn an aggressor into a non threat.

In my mind, an unconscious and restrained intruder or aggressor can cause no harm. A person who is still able to move is still able to deal life threatening damage in an incredibly short period of time. This is why when I've been in any violent situation in the past that I've made clear I don't want to happen, my prime concern is to turn that conscious and dangerous individual into an unconscious and subdued, non-dangerous individual.

Any decent person should have the right to live in peace and also the right to defend that peace. What we don't have in British law is a well thought out and practical system of maintaining the right to defend oneself. In the U.K., the difference between going to jail and being praised as a hero for your actions is determined by your understanding of the English language and the way in which you word your actions. I believe that this is wrong. Not everyone can speak as well as I can and people are being charged for actions identical to what I have been praised for in these kinds of situations.

Our law has a long way to go before it's correct in my eyes.

I'm good friends with a now retired Chief of Police, he has said on numerous occasions that him and his officers were completely hamstrung from doing the job that they signed up to do through the politicisation of policing and the 'target' culture. I do not blame the police force for this, I blame the bureaucratic knobs in Government and the Civil Service who make policy without the knowledge needed to make effective decisions.

Well said that man. I went through police training a couple of years back as I wished to join up. I never took the job at the end because I learned whilst going through training that the job is not what it should be. I found it quite farcical actually.
Politics in this country is rife with incompetence and idiocy. The police in the end are only allowed to do what the politicians (People with no experience in the matter) tell them to do. Bit of a joke really.

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