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» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)27-12-2009 @ 20:32 
Managed to let my brothers dog out for a piss today without coughing till I was sick.
1 point for the wiege.
» Ken's Christmas Day Deadlift Session! (Go to post)27-12-2009 @ 20:24 
Cool christmas vid.
» MIRRORS ARE FOR QUEERS (Go to post)22-12-2009 @ 14:28 
Good blog title!

Will be following this!
» Todays epic session (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 23:29 
Awesome vid man!
» jeff lewis - the glenn ross of powerlifting (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 23:10 
Post Edited: 20.12.2009 @ 23:27 PM by Wiegieboard
That guy is my new favourite lifter and role model. What a champ!

Here's a snippet in Glen Ross

"As a regular at powerlifting / strong events Ross has to maintain his 580 lb frame . To do this Ross needs to consume 30,000 calories just to run his body daily , during competion he can consume as much as 45,000 calories daily!"

So if Glen ate 45000 a day. What does this chap eat?
Also, how do you eat 45000 cals a day?
» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 17:29 
The lungs have went again.
My peak flow has reduced to a third of normal and I've not gotten out of bed bar toilet trips and fridge trips for a good few days now. I've also not slept properly in a good few days also.
I guess it's just time to wait it out like usual.

Roll on January and hopefully, health.
» Derick Poundstone PAIN (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 17:10 
Post Edited: 20.12.2009 @ 17:11 PM by Wiegieboard
lil_lee said:why dnt u stop f**king around and blend 6 big macs and actually have somethin that might taste semi decent!

Here's a man with a vision that will drive us into the future!

No milk or water, only extra sauce! YESS! I haven't eaten junkfood in 9 or 10 days. I'm getting a hankering for it too.
» Derick Poundstone PAIN (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 15:49 
staplegun16 said: he also puts porridge oats in his protein shakes for added calories or whatever is in porridge. Confused

Being a Scot, I have information on such things as porridge.

Oat is the only cereal containing a globulin or legume -like protein, avenalin, as the major (80%) storage protein. Globulins are characterized by water solubility; because of this property, oats may be turned into milk but not into bread. The more typical cereal proteins such as gluten and zein are prolamines. The minor protein of oat is a prolamine: avenin. Oat protein is nearly equivalent in quality to soy protein, which has been shown by the World Health Organisation to be equal to meat, milk, and egg protein without the "harmful" (haha) levels of cholesterol often associated with animal based products. The protein content of the hull-less oat kernel groat ranges from 1224%, the highest among cereals.
You're not just getting benefit from the low G.I. Carbohydrate. Your lovely little proteinz is there also. This is important when like me, you're always chasing at everyone elses heels in training.

Chicken shake with oats challenge anyone? One for the videos section maybe?
» Derick Poundstone PAIN (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 13:31 
I did a tuna shake once, it had the added effect of redecorating my livingroom floor and wall almost immediately after consumption.
» Toby's training log (Go to post)18-12-2009 @ 13:10 
Well done on your beltless PB Toby. Raw is where it's at IMO!

I also agree that reps are the shizznits especially for building form and confidence in your body placement.
» Laying down the law (Go to post)17-12-2009 @ 17:41 
I was engaged once.

I told her to do her own freakin' shopping.

Needless to say I'm single now.

And happy Happy
» Original post deleted (Go to post)16-12-2009 @ 16:39 
Nice work on the 40kgs for 3 deep reps!
» Just your standard adolesence (Go to post)15-12-2009 @ 15:42 
Read a good bit of your blog. Very impressive lifting right from the start!
» 2 litres of milk a day (Go to post)15-12-2009 @ 13:11 
Chocolate milk is most definitely for the win.
Why milk?
"Mr T done it and he were hard."
» My Journal Thingy... (Go to post)14-12-2009 @ 19:27 
no sleep for 30 hours and then a session!?

I bet you sure slept after it though!

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