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» Strongman Rankings( u80kg, u90, u105, hw & womens) (Go to post)01-11-2014 @ 12:26 
Basically if you would like to find out the best 105kg competitors, someone must run comp like WSM 30 best athletes 12-15events in 3-4days...

5 Americans
5 Briths
5 Eastern block
5 Europeans
and 10 competitors which the organizer would like to invite...

I would also be pleased if i would get place to be in the absolute top 30 list...
» Europes u90kg updates? (Go to post)01-09-2014 @ 19:18 
kylegold said:
1) Jørgen Skaug Aukland
2) Harri Peltomaa
3) Mindaugas Brazauskas
Great Competition

1. Jörgen
2. Mindaugas
3. Harri

» Britians strongest man U105 (Go to post)28-07-2014 @ 11:20 
I'm stunned!!! what has happened, this was a highest level 105kg competition in Britain and there are no updates or results??? Angry
» dog owners. what breed you got? (Go to post)24-07-2014 @ 05:34 
JackRevans said:
youre back!

Whatttt i though i was wannabe strongman.... Tongue
» dog owners. what breed you got? (Go to post)23-07-2014 @ 21:15 
Dogo Argentino = Dyna
Brasilian terrier = Dix

both female's, they are like a lighthouse and trailer Cool
» Europes strongest man u90kg&105kg 30-31.8.14 Belfast Ireland (Go to post)21-07-2014 @ 18:27 
Benfrancis1993 said:Forby will dominate!!

you need to do some cardio Harri, 290 is going to be like speed work for you !! Grin

I have done lots of cardio and anaerobic workouts cos loading will be like son of b**ch event
Four objects and loading distance will be like 20m (100kg keg, 2*120kg sack and 135kg keg)

I want own deadlift

"If he dies, he dies"

» Europes strongest man u90kg&105kg 30-31.8.14 Belfast Ireland (Go to post)21-07-2014 @ 18:23 
LessThanLuke said:Gonna win Harri? Happy

Hmmm njaa dunno Tongue I bet that Lee Forby and Jörgen Aukland is going to be very tough bas***ds, no one else to underestimate though!!!

My eyes are on TOP3 places...

108,8kg today
» Europes strongest man u90kg&105kg 30-31.8.14 Belfast Ireland (Go to post)21-07-2014 @ 17:31 
Post Edited: 22.07.2014 @ 02:22 AM by Peltomaa
This year the finals of Europe's Strongest Man 2014 for the under 90 & under 105 athletes will be part of the brand new Irish Muscle Power weekend in Belfast -

Sat 30th August is the turn of the 90 kilo men and Sunday 31st sees the 105 warriors go to war to find out who is the official strongest man in Europe u90kg & u105kg for 2014!

Can the amazing James Ward hold his title for another year at a body weight of 90kg - Irishman Gavin Redmond reigns as the 105kg champion can he keep his crown?

Athletes from all over Europe have been training all year to take these titles!

Both contests are sure to be unbelievable - its a fact that lb for lb these guys are some or the strongest men alive

Europe's Strongest Man 90's Saturday 30th Aug 1pm start

Duck walk 190kg & Yoke 330kg 20m + 20m

Hummer dead lift for max - long bar & truck wheels

Ireland stone for max distance (Like Husafelt)

Viking press weigh tbc est 135kg

Car dead-lift hold side handles -straps allowed max time

Monster Farmers walk 130kg - high pick up 40m ( as used in Europe's heavy weights)

Europe's Strongest Man 105's - Sunday 31st Aug 1pm start.

Load & drag - 130 atlas stone onto sled then drag over line 10m + 10 m

Axle press for max

Sack & barrel loading race - head to head

Car dead-lift reps 290kg est

Sword hold ( to front ) - max time

Frame carry - finale

Event order may change.

competitors so far:
Jeremy Vickers scot
Michael Mcpolin ni
Tyron Jones wals
Stefan Weiermann aus
Sami Pätäri fin
Brain moller dan
Tim Enersen nor
Andreas valland nor
Miki tamburo italy
Tom Hibbert eng
James Ward eng
Rob Rob Ward eng
Eric Sahin tur
Stuart yule scot

Emanuele condoleo italy
Jorgen skaug Aukland nor
Harri peltomaa fin
Mindaugus baraskis lith
Robert clarke ni
Pearse o kane ni
Gavin redmond roi
Erwin geisler aus
Lee forbister eng
Mikko annala fin
Ryan Oldfield eng
Lewis maculski scot
Lewis graddon Wales
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)07-07-2014 @ 22:28 
Well done Adam Cool you are a truly professional strongman
» ..... (Go to post)16-06-2014 @ 12:00 
What events and where is this? Confused
» England's Strongest Man u105kg 2014 (Go to post)11-06-2014 @ 14:23 
Post Edited: 11.06.2014 @ 15:31 PM by Peltomaa
Solid write up Forby Cool high quality performance. See you at Europes and US worlds Grin

I'm not even sure you mean the U.S. worlds or something else?
» U90 wsm events (Go to post)12-05-2014 @ 16:07 
JC said:
I feel the same about the 105s...I wouldn't go again
But I think you'd be surprised how many would.....especially if its guys who haven't had the opportunity before
regardless of the comp, I (we) had a great piss up with the Finnish boys over there Grin

Cheers James it was great w-end and i had a lot of good memories Cool
» U90 wsm events (Go to post)12-05-2014 @ 16:05 
jones105 said:Tested or Not,i cant see Anyone who competed on tje weekend going back there..Not for the shower of s**t he called worlds champs

Luckily we have Euro's 105&90 late august in Ireland!!! Do you know how you guys qualifying? 90kg i mainly mean? There's a one spot for 105ers at bodypower comp. I represent Finland with Mikko Annala on 105er's class.
» U90 wsm events (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 16:01 
kirkynick said:So who are the six who have gone through?

Two Finns and at least one Norweigian, dont know more...
» Strongest Man in the South (Go to post)07-05-2014 @ 14:19 
MuscleDemon said:
Thanks for clarifying that Peltomaa. I did consider it was a hoax. Confused as to why somebody would utilise their time on making such an insubstantial point by making a made up scenario.
I would love the prospect of an under 70kg class contest so I put myself forward for the chance it held truth. As an amateur I am clearly not well versed yet in understanding what competitions are available and realistic.


You should gain some weigh on, I have not heard that no one runs u70kg strongman comps? Lowest is u80kg category, not sure though!!!

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