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» Toby's training log (Go to post)26-06-2010 @ 15:23 
FAT_SAM said:You have got 160-170 in you shirted if you get the shirt right, it was throwing you off today plus it was hard to actually touch the chest with 150kg.

Nice raw PB though, well done bud.

aye the sleeve was a bit off and it kept twisting. 160 will be there next time i put it on, allthough thats probably gonna be at least a month away now so who knows!
» Toby's training log (Go to post)26-06-2010 @ 14:47 
thosebananas said:well done mate

I pressed 110 for an easish single last week, im chasing ya. Grin

Not bad man, i did some shirt work trying to get a lighter touch before that attempt so my tricpes where allready a bit knackered, tried a 100kg 3sec pause afterwards and it flew up so i decided to go for the PB out of the blue and it paid off. was a bit slow and uneven but i am sure fresh it will fly up now
» Toby's training log (Go to post)26-06-2010 @ 14:34 
Forgot to log session on Thursday, allthough i didnt feel my best so generally arsed around wasting time in the gym. did some board work and generally got in the way.

Today i hit a new bench PB, allthough i am sure theres more in me very soon.

cant remember all the sets or anything, 120kg unequipped bench PB followed by various tricep and delt work.
» FAT SAM 2010!! (Go to post)24-06-2010 @ 22:15 
Was some impressive benching today man, that 185 went up so fast - wouldnt supprise me if you hit 190 soon!
» Toby's training log (Go to post)22-06-2010 @ 20:06 
SuperSteel101 said:Another PB good stuff, your board strength will be very good now with all the shirt work you did.

Yeah it came up really fast, defo more in there soon.
» Toby's training log (Go to post)22-06-2010 @ 19:03 
Bench today, did some heavy board work then some close grip. PB on boards.

1 x 10 20kg
1 x 5 40kg
1 x 5 60kg
1 x 3 80kg
1 x 3 100kg 2board
1 x 2 120kg 3board
1 x 1 140kg 3board PB

CG Bench
1 x 4 80kg
1 x 6 75kg
1 x 8 70kg
1 x 10 65kg
1 x 12 60kg

Finished off with tate press, pulldowns and rear delt flyes.
» Toby's training log (Go to post)20-06-2010 @ 14:17 
thosebananas said:no assistance work?

also - no knurling is not an excuse. Wink

Didnt do much assistance work today, i didnt have much time in the gym tbh - figured doing the main s**t was more important. Gonna hit it up on thursday and do some speed stuff and do loads of hammy / back work.

The s**tty bars at strathy are f**king terrible for grip, and i dont like to use straps if i can avoid it (i also forgot them last time i did rack pulls up there). Theres an old, slightly bent ivanko power bar where i train now thats used for this kinda thing, and i managed to add 50kg over what i used last time so knurling makes a huge difference.
» Toby's training log (Go to post)20-06-2010 @ 14:01 
Threw my planned routine out and just did what felt best on the day. PB's in 2 lifts - not bad. The squat was a bit slow but didnt feel overly difficult. Rack pulls went much easier than the last time i tried them, because the bar actually had knurling that i could grip!

1 x 5 20kg
1 x 5 60kg
1 x 5 80kg
1 x 3 100kg
1 x 3 120kg
1 x 1 140kg
1 x 1 160kg
1 x 1 170kg
1 x 1 180kg 5kg PB

Rack Pulls (from just above the knee cap)
1 x 5 120kg (fast)
1 x 3 160kg
1 x 1 200kg
1 x 1 240kg PB
1 x 1 280kg PB

1 x f 300kg moved about 2-3 inches, but just ran out of steam on this one. will go in a few weeks when i do them again!

finished off with some core work.
» Toby's training log (Go to post)19-06-2010 @ 19:09 
SuperSteel101 said:
Might be a blessing in disguise then lol.

My squat is normally fine now tbh, allthough i might have to be a little bit careful getting down to the bar for deadlifts...
» Toby's training log (Go to post)19-06-2010 @ 15:08 
SuperSteel101 said:You'll need to be a bench specialist for a little while then haha. Session looked good despite the broken toes!

Squatting and deadlifting tomorrow man, its not that bad - and it will hopefully force me to keep the weight through my heels all the time!
» Toby's training log (Go to post)19-06-2010 @ 14:25 
After getting dragged to the hospital yesterday about my toes i have found out that 2 are broken, just taking 400mg ibuprofen 3x a day and it seems to be keeping it under control. Todays session went well, but the real test is squat and deadlift tomorrow.

1 x 10 20kg
1 x 5 40kg
1 x 5 60kg
1 x 3 72.5kg
3 x 6 85kg
1 x 8 75kg
1 x 10 70kg
1 x 12 65kg

Incline Bench
3 x 10 65kg

Tate Press
3 x 10 20kg

Plate Front Raises
3 x 10 15kg
» squatting multiple times a week (Go to post)17-06-2010 @ 19:04 
I did shieko, it added 15-20kg on to my squat in 4 weeks. It was worth it allthough the sessions where somtimes a bit long and painful.
» Bent f'ing olympic bar (Go to post)17-06-2010 @ 19:02 
craigmanc said:Got any mates in a garage or a machine shop Toby?

No man, i dont
» Toby's training log (Go to post)17-06-2010 @ 16:50 
Last "free" day before i start my routine on saturday, decided to take my suit in for a bit of a mess around - probably not the smartest thing to do but it was fun anyway. did some light fast bench afterwards

1 x 5 20kg
1 x 5 60kg
1 x 5 100kg
1 x 3 120kg
1 x 3 140kg belt on
1 x 1 160kg straps down
1 x 1 180kg straps up, light knee wraps
1 x 1 200kg tighter knee wraps

1 x 10 20kg
1 x 5 40kg
1 x 5 60kg
5 x 3 80kg
1 x 15 70kg
1 x 15 60kg

finished off with some light front raises and weighed side bends, when i dropped a 20kg plate on my foot and smashed up 2 of my toes. hopefully the swelling will have gone down by sunday when i am squatting and deadlifing! (if not i will do it anyway)

Finally got the vid from the competition:
» SuperSteel101's Training Log (Go to post)15-06-2010 @ 16:47 
Nice to see that you are feeling a bit better man, you should get that 200 soon!


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