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» Sam Martin (Go to post)22-04-2019 @ 20:42 
Good f**king numbers after four years no training!
» Depth check please (Go to post)16-03-2019 @ 21:29 
Sparrow said:Very impressive!

How high was the platform?

» Arnold Strongman Classic Final 2019 in Ohio (Go to post)10-03-2019 @ 17:35 
I think how you respond to training stimulus/drugs is more important than the starting point.
» Arnold Strongman Classic Final 2019 in Ohio (Go to post)02-03-2019 @ 13:16 
PaulSavage said:
Thanks. Did Donna get 2nd on both? How's Olga doing?

Donna second on both. Olga got 3rd on overhead but not sure about frame.
» Arnold Strongman Classic Final 2019 in Ohio (Go to post)02-03-2019 @ 10:39 
PaulSavage said:Does anyone know the results of women's pro by the way?? Can't find anything anywhere

Andrea won first two events.
» Arnold Strongman Classic Final 2019 in Ohio (Go to post)01-03-2019 @ 21:44 
I think Thor hits 501 at Giants in July. The elephant bar looks horrendous, plus no suit.
» Liquid chalk (Go to post)22-02-2019 @ 17:03 
Rick said:If you're lifting somewhere else, make sure they're ok with it. Adlington Barbell certainly isn't. Foul stuff.

Weird. It's far less annoying and messy than normal chalk.
» A deadlift question (Go to post)19-02-2019 @ 10:41 
Yup. Pretty much why when I'm pushing for a deadlift PB or record everything else gets dropped.
» Depth check please (Go to post)17-02-2019 @ 14:49 
Yoke looked nice and speedy!
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)12-02-2019 @ 18:30 
Post Edited: 12.02.2019 @ 18:30 PM by LessThanLuke
I just pulled 400kg in the gym.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)11-02-2019 @ 11:44 
Post Edited: 11.02.2019 @ 11:44 AM by LessThanLuke
PaulSavage said:
You said the guy will never win a comp dude. Why hate on him? The mans f**king awesome and strong as hell / quick and athletic, he can win whatever he puts his mind to.
How did that 460kg yoke feel by the way? That's f**king heavy for 105's!
Edit - No its just heavy full stop

I'm not hating. I'm a massive fun of his static strength he's just got too many weaknesses which he doesn't seem to be addressing.

Honestly it was the worst thing I've done in a comp. My spine hurt for about a month afterwards. Doing a max DL after it was horrible.
Finished it somehow though
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)11-02-2019 @ 10:52 
PaulSavage said:
I've never even said I'm any good at strongman, never mind these kind of events being easy for me. No strongman comp is easy. If its light it's rep death, if its heavy is spine breaking death.

And I never said anything about myself beating Biby but that didn't stop you talking crap did it.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)11-02-2019 @ 09:20 
Post Edited: 11.02.2019 @ 09:34 AM by LessThanLuke
danbaseley said:You're a massive troll Paul: I'd of thought you might have thicker skin.

I think Luke competed at Ultimate Strongman u105 Championship - so very, VERY heavy.

Yup this was my last show.
460kg yoke.
Max deadlift. I pulled 380kg. Winner got 390.
Overhead medley of 100kg DB, 145 axle and 145 log
Sandbag loading medley to very high platforms and 20m run each bag.
160 viking press for reps.

But I am sure the above would be easy for Paul.

And of course Biby would beat me.
I'm a 105. Im not delusional about my abilities.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)10-02-2019 @ 19:58 
Post Edited: 10.02.2019 @ 19:59 PM by LessThanLuke
big_mike said:
People were saying the same thing about his overhead weights a while back, now thereís no question heís one of the very strongest in the world overhead
I donít see why this would be any different, not much point in him lying about weights, heíll get found out at his next comp

True enough. We shall see. Not like he's gonna win any comps anyway so.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)10-02-2019 @ 12:08 
Mikeneto said:Bibby doing a 420kg deadlift
I struggle to believe the weights in this. He's shown nothing in his last few comps to suggest he's even close to 420

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