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» 200kg squat x 15 (Go to post)05-06-2015 @ 21:06 
F'kin Tremendous...

Likes been said already, if you cracked the first 10 off a snatch quicker I reckon you'd have been knocking on't door of 20. Strength was there !!
» Strength off the floor for sumo (Go to post)04-06-2015 @ 15:37 
Rather than thinking 'strength off the floor, think 'speed'.
Breaking the weight off the floor is the hardest part of a Sumo pull (apparantly...). Once you are confident with 'your' optimum starting point, rip the bar off the floor with everything you have, don't ease it up.

A lot of lifters might have seperate sessions for 'speed' stuff. I don't think there is always a need, you look like you have plenty on your plate with 5x5 and then a 'heavy' day anyhooo. Just concentrate on lifting as fast as you can all the time, warm up reps, everything...

Just for the record, I'm not a Sumo lifter, I feckin hated it so take my advice with a large pinch of salt... !
» Foam Rollers (Go to post)02-06-2015 @ 09:37 
Use mine quite a lot for my back. Arching back onto it helps with my lack of flexibility also.
» Sling shot (Go to post)02-06-2015 @ 00:00 
In the 'mad dog' version I reckon I get around 10kg.
I use mine every now and then, not sure I'd buy another. Don't particularly enjoy using it and see it as being quite gimmicky.
That's just my two penneth though, plenty of pressers love em.
» Ever struggled with a lack of motivation to compete ? (Go to post)01-06-2015 @ 16:29 
Post Edited: 01.06.2015 @ 16:30 PM by Wes
JohnGym said:Sorry. I'll try not to have an opinion in future.

An opinion is just that. It's not fact, it's not claiming to be.
The beauty of an opinion, is that people might not agree... chill !!!
» Ever struggled with a lack of motivation to compete ? (Go to post)01-06-2015 @ 14:15 
aaron_lohan said:
You cant expect to pitch up to a comp and win, if that were the case then the comp wouldnt be worth competing in. Competing will boost your total more than anything else, because you will go up against better people and this will motivate you to do better

» Ever struggled with a lack of motivation to compete ? (Go to post)30-05-2015 @ 18:39 
Competing has always been a great crack for me, love everything about it. Never put too much pressure on myself and have never got caught up on winning and s**t.
I think I'm just learning a few things about myself. Normally I'd like to think I'd just go and smash the comp regardless of how far off the pace I think I am and learn something from it anyway. That's what I did a few weeks ago, but it appears doing it back to back in a short space of time is getting right on my tits... !
» Ever struggled with a lack of motivation to compete ? (Go to post)29-05-2015 @ 23:16 
JamesH said:
Based on my own experience in Strongman, a lot depends on what you have to sacrifice to improve. It reaches a point where you might realise it isn't worth it. Where this point lies is also dependent on what else you have in your life.

Without a doubt, 100% agree.
It gets you thinking.
I hate thinking.
» Ever struggled with a lack of motivation to compete ? (Go to post)29-05-2015 @ 22:14 
Cheers, some interesting replies...
I don't think NOT competing is an option for me, I love it, when my head is in it.
Just want to absolutely smash the back doors out of my training, but for a couple of reasons it's not happening.

Interesting reading a few comments relating to placing's in a comp, if your not 'competative' you don't wanna compete. I've always been of the opinion of, I'd rather come last with a bigger total, than 1st with a lesser total. It's all about kg's lifted for me, it feels great to win, of course it does, but I'd swap 1st for 3rd with another 5kg on each lift.
» BUNCH OF POWERLIFTING RULES/QUESTIONS (Go to post)29-05-2015 @ 13:16 
The 'branding' issue does stick in the throat of a lot of lifters.
It can be understood to a certain extent, but when you are being told to 'put tape' over your belt as it has the 'wrong name' on it, it doesn't sit right with me. The belt is good, it conforms with all measurements, but it has the wrong name.
Crazy, we're not paid athletes ffs, it's not on tv, there's only 200 folk here, half of which are lifting...

I once asked a head ref at a national qualifier a couple of years ago if a set of wraps were ok as they were 'strength shop' wraps and I couldn't find the company on the list of 'authorised kit suppliers'. He looked at me like I was stupid, and said "are they longer than 2.5m" ? I replied no, he said "Well then they're ok, they're only f*#king knee wraps, chill out"

Needless, to say it wasn't the GBPF or BDFPA...
» Ever struggled with a lack of motivation to compete ? (Go to post)29-05-2015 @ 12:51 
Wondered if anyone has gone through a period where they can't seem to 'get up' psychologically for an upcoming competion ?
I've had it for a couple of months, still training hard, still keen to train etc but can't get excited or motivated enough to compete.
Had a couple of injuries which have held my squat back, but it goes beyond that as I was feeling this way before these occurred.
Competing in 3 weeks, second comp in 3 months'ish.
If you've been through a similar thing, what did you find that helped ? If anything ?
Thought about binning off the comps for a year, just train and get the hunger back, or even switch to a bit of strongman and do it for pure enjoyment.
» lifting straps or hooks? (Go to post)25-05-2015 @ 17:33 
I heard of a guy in't gym who once used hooks for his heaviest Deadlift's.
He later died in a car accident that VERY same week.
Clearly there's no way of proving the two incidents are linked, but I wouldn't risk it man...
» Oats! (Go to post)18-05-2015 @ 20:22 
Cheers pal.
Did the mixed fruit one.
Had it this morning. Piece of piss to do, took even me just 5 minutes. Tasted great and filled a spot. Right up my street this as I'll scoff it at work.
Thanks again.
» Sciatica relieving methods (Go to post)23-04-2015 @ 12:40 
My pain was being caused by a tight Piriformis (arse).
Stretching that bad boy out felt good.
There's a good exercise where you lie on your back and basically cross your legs, I'd try and explain it better than that... but I can't.
» Lidl's New High Protein Bread Rolls (Go to post)02-04-2015 @ 00:25 
Don't take away the dream man...

brownbear said:out of those ingredients.. would any of those count towards your "protein intake"

they dont seem like proper/complete/quality sources of protein

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