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» upgrading to a fancy bar - worth it? (Go to post)18-07-2015 @ 18:10 
mic_od said:I bought the strengthshop 2029 powerlifting bar! I'm not happy with it! The reason I bought it in the first place was because I kept having to tighten the hex screws every session!

2 weeks after buying the bar,one of the rings that fit between the bar and the sleeve popped out! Spoke to strength shop they told me to put some metal glue on it and hammer it back in! And that would sort the problem!

It didn't work and I now have to hammer it back in every deadlift session! How long until it snaps,I don't know. So I don't have tighten the hex screws anymore but I have to do a bit of hammering!

To be fair I haven't got back in touch with strengthshop, so I don't know for sure that they wouldn't replace/ fix it properly but I do feel that there was a fault with it from New and they should have taken it back and not asked me to repair it!

Also the rings are 10mm different from the centre point,which may seem like nit picking to some but a lot of my squats or lopsided slightly, a problem I've never sufferd before! Not saying that it is definitely down to the bar but it's in my head now and it bothers me.

Imo you need to be getting back onto Snapshop to sort you out. I've always found their customer service to be top notch, but on the flip side, the kit below the standard you'd expect. I'm sure they'd fix you up.

To the original question, definately invest in something decent. If you're short on dollar, I'd prefer to look out for something 2nd hand rather than buy an average bar new.
» time to give it another go! (Go to post)12-07-2015 @ 20:38 
Ridiculously easy squat too.

How did the 200kg bench feel ?
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 16:16 
Felix only just qualifies as human.
Tremendous athlete.
» Boring hamstring story... (Go to post)10-07-2015 @ 18:28 
Is there anything else I can try and do to limit my hamstrings cramping up at every thought of being used for up to 3 days after a decent Squat session, other than stretching and working on my 'limited' flexibility ?

Last 4 months have mostly been spent peaking for 2 competition's. So the limited volume and using 'kit' has been kind to em.
However, my focus is now more raw based for the rest of this year and next. First session back (3days ago) and I've got extremely limited use of my legs. Not arsed about soreness etc, it's the constant cramping up.

Been in a couple of less-than-enviable situations ranging from being stuck on't toilet to almost being stranded at sea with my 7 year old on a feckin pedalo after both legs felt like they'd been blasted with a shot gun.

Don't really have an issue with cramping in general so pretty sure it's not any kind of deficiency...

Any thoughts welcome !!!
» Tyson Fury Deadlift (Go to post)08-07-2015 @ 09:18 
kirkynick said:But does anyone actually want Fury to win?

Not me, guy's a prick.
» Tyson Fury Deadlift (Go to post)07-07-2015 @ 10:58 
I predict I'll resist the urge to spend my hard earned Yorkshire coin up until the last few hours.
I will then be mostly asleep by round 6.
» time to give it another go! (Go to post)04-07-2015 @ 22:14 
Great to see you back on it you strong lump...
What's the reason for the feet up benching again ?
» Meet day changed by 3 weeks - How to avoid fucking up peaking! (Go to post)29-06-2015 @ 20:43 
Just a thought, and take it with a pinch of salt ffs as I'd be stumped if faced with the same dilemma... !!

I'd be tempted to repeat the last 3 weeks to tie in with your comp day. Only I'd probs take 10% of the weight off and try and speed up the reps slightly, just to avoid any fatigue.
» Making Weight for Strength Sports (Go to post)26-06-2015 @ 15:39 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
So then, is this still the most common way of doing things?
I shall be cutting around 2kg for a same day weigh in event in 9 days time. So fingers crossed.

Bah, 2 kilo's is a s**t n a bath ! Grin
» Water manipulation/loading. (Go to post)24-06-2015 @ 20:14 
That's the kind of weight I'm looking at losing myself pal (4-5kg's). Was hoping to avoid any carb depletion the week leading up to a comp if possible. Done the hot bath thing a few times, always good for a couple of kilos but never tried to take the piss out of it in an attempt to lose any more than that.
» Water manipulation/loading. (Go to post)23-06-2015 @ 20:27 
unit94 said:From sugdens very own!

Thanks very much, that's spot on.
I knew someone would be able to drag some awesome s**t up from the past.
I knew that 'someone' was unlikely to be me...
» Water manipulation/loading. (Go to post)23-06-2015 @ 18:50 
Boring question time...
Can anyone, off the top of their head, recall any good article's on water loading. Doing a bit of research and was hoping someone with a bit of actual experience on this s**t can point me in the right direction.

Never done it before but looking at dropping down a weight catergory and this is something I want to get my head around, and probably do like a 'dry run' so to speak beforehand, just so's I can have confidence in it.....

» Tips for using legs effectively in deadlift (Go to post)17-06-2015 @ 19:11 
Oxman said:I also try to think about the start of the deadlift as a press, as in pressing feet throught the floor then once the bar passes my knee it turns into a pull.

Agreed, works a treat for me...
» Jimmy Saville died :( (Go to post)10-06-2015 @ 19:54 
Jimmy Saville ? Never heard of him, was he a Powerlifter ?
» best belt?? (Go to post)08-06-2015 @ 23:32 
If you don't mind spending a few quid and want to keep the belt long term, definitely invest in an Inzer.
Whether you go 10mm or 13mm, levered or pronged is obviously personal preference.

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