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» Britain's strongest man 2016 (Go to post)02-02-2016 @ 12:39 
AdamT said:
I do agree, but they could of had at least one max event. Do squats for a change, (to decent depth) or dare I say bench. People might think bench is boring, but to the casual lifter, or the man on the street, It is the only lift they care about.

BENCH ??? Noooooooooo Eek
» Hache Steaks (Go to post)28-01-2016 @ 07:38 
On't Foreman grill mine go.
MF Hache steaks are delish.
» Europe's Strongest Man (Go to post)17-01-2016 @ 10:07 
Simeon said:
It's being specially made for the contest. They have some sort of daft extra wide plates they are using or something

F'kin Yanks.
Always gotta be different...
» Advice Please (Go to post)06-01-2016 @ 23:01 
I'd be wanting to get to the bottom of this 'mystery illness' as a priority bud, you'll not feel much benefit of any decent program if you ain't well.
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)06-01-2016 @ 22:55 
Done 2 sessions with it now, only up to 180 1st week, then 210 last week before putting straps on. Years since I've used straps and it feels nice pulling double overhand.

2nd session using a hook already seemed to feel much less painful than 1st session. Will keep adding weight every session before popping straps on.
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)29-12-2015 @ 15:21 
Aquarian said:IDK if anyone has seen this but I just saw this video and it is very instructive. I may just try hooking till my back recovers.

It's a FB Video so IDK how to embed it here but the video is near the top (or check the videos section) labelled "Check out this video by RTS Coach Mark Robb on hook grip technique for deadlift.":

[url=] [/url]

Turn the volume up he's got quite the monotone drawl!

Good link cheers !!
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)26-12-2015 @ 15:01 
Cheers for all't advices...
Managed a 180kg with it before carrying on with straps which I've not pulled with in years.
Thumb did hurt like f**k but I'll do 200kg next week and just keep on upping it till hopefully its not an issue.
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)23-12-2015 @ 17:26 
matthewvc said:
I also go double overhand until that gets too hard then switch as too much hooking rips the skin up. Taken my dohg max deadlift from 170kg to 220kg as well doing this which I think has helped hook strength.

Another good shout. Cheers...
» Christmas is coming, strongman on tv (Go to post)23-12-2015 @ 17:25 
billynomates said:Did u think the ref was very generous giving Rob that last log lift?!

I'm no ref but I'd have to agree with you there.
Not that it made much difference to anyone's life !!
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)23-12-2015 @ 09:08 
Thanks for all the above, gives me plenty to go on.
Good shout with the plate pinching too, never trained grip specifically but can't do any harm !!
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)22-12-2015 @ 22:50 
DeanW92 said:
I dont remember when i converted to be honest, i have pretty much allways used hook grip. I have never missed a lift because of grip though.
I know that a few people who use mixed grip struggle with the bar drifting on one side.
Only thing i would advise against is doing high reps or high volume sessions with hookgrip. Sometimes my hands get sore doing these but singles are completely pain free.
If im doing like 3x5 i usually hookgrip the first set and use straps on the other 2 to save my hands.

Might ditch the alternate grip completely, switching to straps once a hook becomes unbearable until I've adapted. Also for higher volume like you say.
Thanks again !!
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)22-12-2015 @ 22:09 
Interesting point about taking a slightly looser grip !!

What positives did you guys take out of converting ? Is your grip now more reliable than with your alternate ?
» Hook grip advice. (Go to post)22-12-2015 @ 20:27 
Hoping to persevere in't coming months, starting this week, and try and learn the hook grip for Deadlifting.

Any advice or words o wisdom from any that have done it in't past ?
Hoping to at least use it for my warm up sets, stop when it becomes too much and inch up week by week.
» Eddie - Strongman Film (Go to post)17-12-2015 @ 18:45 
likeslager said:
Whats this? Eddie needs sleep apna machine for sleep? S**t, thats pretty hard core dedication to carry that sort of weight

Love how that's the bit you pick up on !!! haha
» Deadlift help (Go to post)12-12-2015 @ 09:09 
Pm'd you.

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