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» Worlds strongest man (Go to post)29-03-2014 @ 23:43 
Looking forward to watching this, best be out before Xmas....
» Inzer (Go to post)26-03-2014 @ 21:29 
1369phil said:
He did - I messaged him a while back and he no longer does

How far back ? I was under the impression he started again ?
I could be wrong, it has been known...
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)24-03-2014 @ 23:12 
I'm never more disappointed with myself as a human being than when I see others cooking abilities.
Tonight, cos the missus is working, I had f**king Micro Chips, yes MICRO f**kING chips and a fat Sirloin.
I did the Steak my own special way.
First I warmed up the Fornby grill.
Then I put the steak on.
Then after a bit, I took it off, adding the chips, which were now cold as I got the timing wrong.
» Worlds strongest man (Go to post)24-03-2014 @ 00:16 
hixxy1985 said:Got about four injuries but im gonna do my best

hes russian secret service. Craziest bas***d iv met too lol

All the best, be f**king mint if you pulled it off.
Massive just to be in with a shout of the the final... f**kin ave it !!!
» Worlds strongest man (Go to post)23-03-2014 @ 09:16 
Great stuff from the British lads, hope they keep it going.
Ed's looking great, certainly been working hard over the winter has the lad, as has Hix !

I do have to say though, reading it through the f**kin tinternet is the most soul-destroying s**t a man can go through. Coming in second only to being in the same room as 2 gorgeous birds, who you've known for years, getting it on, but you have to stand in the corner and close your eyes. You can hear exactly what's happening, but you're not allowed to watch. It's just the f**kin same man, and its not on... !!
» paddys 2014 training log (Go to post)22-02-2014 @ 16:13 
Great work bud...
» Tyson Fury Deadlift (Go to post)15-02-2014 @ 19:19 
Samthepigman said:I think what everyone is trying to say is...

He's a bellend


Not everyone though tbf, just those that are correct...
» decent PL briefs for wearing under squat suit? (Go to post)27-01-2014 @ 08:29 
polkovnikostin said:
Well done for yesterday. Just to put your performance into perspective though, 572.5kg is the GBPF 105kg British senior unequipped qualifying standard.

f**k me, steady on with the 'well done' !!
(It's almost like ya don't mean it...)
» decent PL briefs for wearing under squat suit? (Go to post)26-01-2014 @ 19:35 
walker said:
I thought it was IPF rules but obviously not. Not really single ply then if briefs are allowed!

Single-ply as in 'all kit is single-ply'. Not IPF no... :-)
» decent PL briefs for wearing under squat suit? (Go to post)26-01-2014 @ 19:32 
big_mike said:
It's a fair point but I don't understand why you have to be such a dickhead about it?
Do you feel like a big man now lmao

Haha... Another fair point !!
» decent PL briefs for wearing under squat suit? (Go to post)24-01-2014 @ 20:41 
walker said:Can you wear briefs under a suit in BPO? I thought it was a single ply fed...

You can yes, all single ply, briefs cut below belt.
» decent PL briefs for wearing under squat suit? (Go to post)24-01-2014 @ 14:00 
polkovnikostin said:You weigh 100kg and and are, presumably, looking to squat 200kg in briefs AND a suit. You must be either still at primary school or a girl.

Sorry to hate on equipped lifting. As I have done a bit myself in the past, I do feel entitled to say that is absolutely ridiculous and whatever you think you are doing, it is not powerlifting.

Can't beat a bit of encouragement... Nice...
» Hixxy 400kg raw deadlift (Go to post)13-11-2013 @ 21:22 
Fantastic pulling... Well done !!
» Paddy's journey to a 900 raw total (Go to post)07-11-2013 @ 21:07 
Great work pal.
The anticipation of watching you on the platform next year keeps me awake at night with excitement.
» Rugby League World Cup (Go to post)04-11-2013 @ 19:05 
Samoa V PNG will be brutal, only wish I could watch the game.

Someone mentioned that the international game is not seen as the 'pinnacle' of a player's career, and to a certain extent you're right. The State of Origin is massive, SL Grand final likewise, but there is not enough quality international's, not enough quality nations for the big 3 to compete against. Come the final though, whoever is involved, it will be one of the, if not THE biggest game of a lot of those players career. First WC in 5 years, 70,000+, it will be massive for them.

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