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» Nobody steals our chicks... and lives! (Go to post)02-07-2007 @ 12:54 
running a 10 k the day before is bound to take its toll mate ,i would'nt worry about it!
» training from the farm 29/06/07 (Go to post)02-07-2007 @ 12:51 
I think so ,Ive never actually asked him his second name!
» Goals of 2007 Thread (Go to post)01-07-2007 @ 18:52 
ive got a 100 plus kerbs facing me in the morning fan-fcuking-tastic NICE!!!!
» Goals of 2007 Thread (Go to post)01-07-2007 @ 18:20 
not great to be honest ,its ok as long as I dont move it no benching or deadlifting this week which leaves me 3 training days to perfect my awesome squat!
squat monday ,box squat wed and front squats on friday ,going to be a hard week at work methinks!
» The Curse And The Gift... (Go to post)01-07-2007 @ 18:13 
smoking fags and drinking beer ! where do you train in the pub!Happy
» Goals of 2007 Thread (Go to post)01-07-2007 @ 18:07 
I'm probably being wildly optimistic but its the one lift I'm reasonably confident about if i can just build up some leg strength I reckon its just about doable in 6 months ,the other two lifts are a f**king lottery seem to be going backwards in bench
what with my dodgy shoulder and the only progress Ive made in squat is in depth not in weight!

got to try and stretch yourself with your goals problem is I dont really Know whats realistic and what's not!
» Goals of 2007 Thread (Go to post)01-07-2007 @ 17:57 
goals for 2007

benchpress`120 (touch and go) 115 (paused)
Squat 170
deadlift 235
» TOMS TRAINING LOG. (Go to post)30-06-2007 @ 18:57 
looking strong mate ,how are you finding the olympic bar compared to your standars set!
» training from the farm 29/06/07 (Go to post)30-06-2007 @ 17:00 
Kev looks very strong, that 250 triple Deadlift looked very comfortable, I hate him
( 250 triple is my current target

yes he is a strong bas***d and to make it worse he's over 50, first time I trained with him he deadlifted 290 and I decided I hated him too.

Really nice bloke though doesnt think he's the big I am just because he@s strong as f**k!
» Ed 's training journal (Go to post)30-06-2007 @ 16:53 
nice vids mate, kevin jane is strong alright, lifted in one of the comps I did, do you have any plans to compete.

also my friend,I did be more patience with the starting position on those deads, because it is the start position where most deadlifts are won or lost!!!.....platform deads and especially sumos have really helped me keep my hips down longer on the start of the

thanks for the advice I,m planning to compete for the first time on the 21 July at the east mids masters novice and juniors, I agree totally about the deadlifts need to keep
my arse down lots of platforms and front squats planned between now and comp shoulder permitting!
» TOMS TRAINING LOG. (Go to post)30-06-2007 @ 16:46 
nice one mate I think you have the depth problem well and truly sorted!
» training from the farm 29/06/07 (Go to post)30-06-2007 @ 10:24 
friday nights training from the farm weightlifting club in Northampton Kev 250x3 deadlift Kev 255 squat Mark 230 deadlift Kev 270 deadlift Me 200 deadlift me 205 deadlift

Good luck to Kevin who is lifting at the European championships in the Czech republic next week>
» Ed 's training journal (Go to post)30-06-2007 @ 10:04 
friday 29/06/07
managed to finally get to the farm in Northampton today to train with some other powerlifters had a mixed session with some real high points and one real low point.
was planning to just deadlift but when i arrived everyone was benching as well so in the spirit of joining in I decided to bench as well despite my dodgy shoulder twinging a bit ,didnt bench very well failed 100k and felt my shoulder starting to complain so stopped after that and went on to deadlift and some max attempts after which my shoulder was complaining a bit more ,by the time I got home its was really painful
and this morning its really sore with little mobility and when I look in the mirror I look like quasimodo with one shoulder about 1" higher than the other .

on a brighter note I did managed two new deadlift pb's and broke the 200k barrier which
sounds Oh so mutch better than 185k although after having watched the video's the technique is absolutely shocking! 205k deadlift 200k deadlift

visiting the phyio next week and no deadlifting or benching ,would squatting monday wednesday and friday be too mutch I was thinking max effort squat monday ,speed squats wednesday and front squats friday?

also may have to rethink the comp on the 21st and perhaps just do a token bench anyway early days yet I may wake up tomorrow and the shoulder may be better!!!!
» Clive Henry gets IPF Worlds Gold (Go to post)29-06-2007 @ 08:13 
Originally posted by jimblanchflower...
In the past Shane Hamman and kirk Karwoski have put up bigger numbers, but in my opinion the standards of judging have got stricter on squat depth since those days. The lifts I saw on TV and vid of the other two would not be passed nowadays. Personally I believe Clive to be not only the current best squatter in the world, but the best all time.

is that better than Andy Bolton too or do the differences in Judging, equipment and
" supplements" between Ipf and Wpo mean that you cannot compare squats between the two feds?

I am a total beginner and as of yet have never competed so I have no axe to grind against any particular fer just interested in peoples opinions.
» TOMS TRAINING LOG. (Go to post)28-06-2007 @ 20:44 
nice benching mate i can smell a new pb in the air!

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