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» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)19-05-2010 @ 09:55 
i hope i can put up a bit more of a fight against ryan and simon at the welsh qualifier for the strongman of the north! i was happy with my performance the weekend considering i was weighing at 105kgs, id did 1 rep with the 400 deadlift i think i could have did one more if i didnt rush, tractor pull i had a nightmare, i thoughrt i did 5 reps with the log but was given 4 for some reason, i compleated th yoke well happy with that, compleated the 145kg farmers and finished the tyre off, did the 155kg stone bit slow but the stone was spinning because of lack of taky.
» uk strongman-north event 2010 (Go to post)19-05-2010 @ 09:40 
Post Edited: 19.05.2010 @ 09:42 AM by richardlewis
anyone know how many lads have enterd for the welsh open qualifier, and how many go through to the final? i just want to know if its worth me making the big treck up.
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)16-05-2010 @ 21:10 
owen is 17 stone, richard smith and dale are around 24 stone. after ross did the log he sat down near some fencing and a metal pole fell and hit him on the head,he got concused and couldnt go on with the rest of the comp
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)16-05-2010 @ 19:54 
120 log, norris 10 easy reps, ross stone 9, smith 7,owen 4
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)16-05-2010 @ 19:49 
deadlifts, owen 3rd with 6reps ,smith 7 reps, norris 9reps at 400k
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)16-05-2010 @ 19:46 
simon johnston, won the stones four lads loaded the 175 stone, simon ,richard smith,richy allan and owen lewis. simon outstanding speed with the fastest time
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)16-05-2010 @ 19:24 
1st. dale norris outstanding. 2nd richard smith outstanding. 3rd owen lewis outstanding.
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)04-05-2010 @ 12:45 
not looking forward to the yoke,tryed 350 on sunday,just about picked it up, went two steps droped it and then couldnt pick it back up. also failed 120 log, so i will be happy to get anything better than last place.
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)30-04-2010 @ 07:43 
ross_stone said:good to see you back rich put 100% into mate.

cheers ross, i will put 100% into it, it will be good to get a couple of comps done this year for expereance. im planing on doing the 105s next year. my frame is not big enough for opens when im 18 stone i dont feel much stronger than when im 16 stone. when i put weight on i feel lazy and out of breath. im hoping for a heat wave on the day to slow you bigger boys down!! all the best for the comp anyway ross, after coming 2nd, three times i think its time for you to step up to the number one spot..
» uk strongman-north event 2010 (Go to post)28-04-2010 @ 19:57 
Post Edited: 28.04.2010 @ 19:58 PM by richardlewis
i would like to enter the welsh qualifier if it is not to late. cheers!
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)28-04-2010 @ 18:44 
if there is any chance,id like to get back in the comp, iv been dieting down to get in shape iv lost 2 and a half stone, im now 16 stone. i just did some strong man training with my mates and loved it. i cant sit there all day watching my mates compete. might not be able to do the log as my shoulder is f**ked. cheers.
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)21-04-2010 @ 18:53 
Post Edited: 21.04.2010 @ 19:06 PM by richardlewis
JC said:Anyone any inside info on how Owen Lewis training is going for this?

Would love to see him do well
owen`s training hard and is very strong for 17 and a half stone,he`s not expecting to beat any of the big 20 stoner`s, he`s hoping for a top 8 position. he`s doing opens for a couple of years to get his strength up ,then going back to the under 105 s. I think richard smith will be the man to beat after finishing in the top ten in the uk strongest man 2009.
» Wales' strongest man (Go to post)08-04-2010 @ 07:57 
Post Edited: 08.04.2010 @ 19:42 PM by richardlewis
sorry richie, i have to pull out of this years comp due to a shoulder injury, im not doing it to make up the numbers, i was hoping to do well this year, training was going well, iv been pushing ross and owen hard in training, but now my shoulder is like a bag of bolts. i hope the rest of you fellas are training hard cos. ross stone and owen lewis are both looking outstanding in training very strong and fast im sure they are both going to mix it with dale and martin. may the best man win!!!
» BSM under 105kg (Go to post)22-09-2009 @ 19:32 
terryhollands said:
Not that I am slagging you off so please don't take this the wrong way but how far off a 130 Log?? That was the only event that was changed! The deadlift was 280 still! I have been to comps in the past and not been able to press the opening weight or weight that is being done for reps!
I have been to 3 Novice comps in the last year that have been won by guys who could (and 2 of them had) be competing in the open comps! Again no offence to yourself but if you can defo do 4 out of the 5 events in the open just get stuck in!!
I always use Loz as an example to the novices who train with me, he did one Novice and then just jumped into the opens! He wasn't amazing at first but look at the progression he has made in such a short time! I myself only did one Novice comp! I think if you can do pretty much everything in the open just get in there! The best way to learn is to throw yourself in at the deep end! That way you have to bring your game up quick and you learn so much more in the open class

at the begining of the comp it was announced that the open comp weights would be going up from 120k log to 130k, farmer from 130k to 140k, deadlifts from 280k to 300k as the comp went on it was decided to keep the farmers and deadlifts to the original weights at that stage i had already done the log and farmers so it was to late to go back into the opens. i have done 120k log for one rep and 280k deadlift for one rep in training and there is no way i would have topled the 480k looking forward to doing a few open comps next year. all the best for the worlds !!!
» container comp (Go to post)20-09-2009 @ 14:17 
bhamstaff said:

to be fair on a normal log he should have 140 or more as you can see it was a pretty fat log
i think your underestimating ross, i do event training with him every weekend and i have personally seen him lift 155k log for two reps on a 13 inch log, and iv seen him deadlift 340k off the floor with no suit .


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