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» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)14-07-2019 @ 10:55 
Fatpete said:
Yes indeed, as is February 29th (Thank you Mr. McCarthy)
But could Haydn be described as a regular trainer at Adlington ? He is there frequently but his days do chop and change, so is he regular in one sense but not in another or is he just irregular ?

Is he regularly irregular?
» Andy Ruiz out of shape or outstanding ? (Go to post)05-06-2019 @ 17:42 
Plenty of rumours abound that AJ was knocked out in camp about 10 days from the fight - I really hope that's not true...
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)03-06-2019 @ 09:16 
Fatpete said:So be kind to that man in the chair

Or Woman (or he/she or she/he)!

For shame Mr Pete!!!
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)12-05-2019 @ 15:39 
Fatpete said:
I never liked pigeons, I like them less now, but seriously, if anyone is afraid of birds, keep them well away from Bolton town centre.

Here's my daughter dealing with a pigeon (of the wood variety) when we were camping in the woods the other weekend Happy
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)23-04-2019 @ 23:57 
Happy Birthday Mr Pete
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)21-03-2019 @ 16:24 
Fatpete said:Pegging only became known as pegging because of a radio programme. There was a late night programme where people would discuss sexual deviancy and it became clear that the act itself was quite common but everyone had a different name for it.
They had a vote - pegging won, and pegging became the accepted term.

'Peg Boy'

A real thing or simply a nautical legend?

» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)21-03-2019 @ 13:47 
DeanW92 said:
I think that if you put him next to someone else tall like thor and shaw and you would see his body proportions are quite different to them. Things like femur length to torso length ratios have a big effect on squatting and he looks like he probably has much shorter femurs than most people of his height and also his arms look relatively short too.

Do body proportions differ more in taller (let's say over 6'6") when compared to the rest of the population (excluding those with giantism and dwarfism?
» Squatting without pushing your knees out (Go to post)12-03-2019 @ 22:28 
'Forcing your knees out' is just a cue to get the lifter to engage their glutes and tends to get people to simply weight the outside of their feet (watch for the big toe lifting up off the floor)

I think a better cue for me is to just concentrate on your feet are doing.

The pressure should be distributed equally between the heal, big toe and little toe.
From there, the floor should be gripped (reinforcing your arch) and the feet screwed into the ground.

This will engage the glutes and ensure that the feet are stable. The knees will then track to the outside of the feet automatically
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)05-03-2019 @ 11:55 
Post Edited: 05.03.2019 @ 11:55 AM by BigMacca
AdamT said:
Yeah the cleans bother him and take too much energy!
His shoulder power is actually scary as f**k!!

I'm not even sure it's just the cleans - It's standing upright with a 200kg plus log on your chest being and stable enough to effectively get any leg drive.

The only fix I've seen for this so far is to be Big Z at around 200kg bw Grin
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)05-03-2019 @ 09:59 
AdamT said:
It suprises me he has never had a bigger run at the world record.
His shoulder power is off the chart

He always struggled with stability on the heavier weights, but he looks to have been addressing that.

His pressing power is nutz!
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)05-03-2019 @ 00:45 
Post Edited: 05.03.2019 @ 00:45 AM by BigMacca
Radz, 205kg log
» Arnold Strongman Classic Final 2019 in Ohio (Go to post)02-03-2019 @ 21:00 
Post Edited: 02.03.2019 @ 21:01 PM by BigMacca
AdamT said:Thor has lost pressing strength.

I think prime Z would have loved this comp.


205kg that year as opposed to 195kg this year

» A deadlift question (Go to post)26-02-2019 @ 13:53 
RS86 said: Have done sessions where I have worked up to 5+ reps at over 3x bodyweight and I personally don't find it to be the case. Deadlift is one of my strengths though so I'm probs not comparable to most. Magnusson/Ortmayer calculated off a 300kg max at under 90kg bodyweight was hard training IMO.
Squats on the other hand floor me, a hard squat session can leave me feeling ill to the extent I actually feel like I have a flu building up lol

I also find heavy squat sessions harder than heavy deadlift sessions.

I think it's down to the fact I can squat heavy and when squatting, the load is constantly on your back throughout the entire set (just supporting the weight is a tough job for the low bar squatter).

Give me a max set of 5 on deads over squats any day of the week Happy - When I hit 275kg for 4 on squats a few months back it wiped me out for about 4 days (and I'm used to squatting and deadlifting twice a week!)
» Liquid chalk (Go to post)22-02-2019 @ 13:15 
Post Edited: 22.02.2019 @ 18:37 PM by BigMacca
slimsim said:
What makes you day that Rick? In my experience itís just normal chalk in an alcohol type solution which evaporates off in seconds.

I've asked this question many times and still haven't really got a reasonable answer and I've talked to a few folk who don't like it/say it's too messy

I use it exclusively in my garage gym as it is far less (as in like 95%) messy than standard, regular loose chalk/chalk blocks - That's in terms of both the general platform area around where you are lifting and what mess is left on the bar after lifting (next to nothing on both counts)

The only way I can see it being an issue, is if people are not letting it dry before grabbing the bar as that would just cake it in chalk, but it would also defeat the purpose of using it in the first place as your hands would still be wet...
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)22-02-2019 @ 12:27 
Post Edited: 22.02.2019 @ 17:15 PM by BigMacca
Rick said:I pull in heels because I find that the start position advantage ought the extra inch on the pull. I don't fail at the ground anyway, but near the top, so a better position helps me generate more speed, which should help.

That said, I was always a terrible deadlifter, even allowing for my absurd proportions.

Struggling near the top of the lift is normally a symptom of sacrificing optimal (well, optimal "classic" deadlift positioning in any case) start positioning for speed of the floor is it not?

This usually means that the hips rise and knees straighten before the bar leaves the floor, thus reducing the moment arm acting on the hips (as they are now closer to the bar) and often the back will round a little shortening the moment arm even further.

This gives better leverage for getting the bar moving off the floor, however, when the bar is past your knees, you now have no hip (or knee) angle and but you have still to finish the lift, so you have to rely on your erectors (which are really designed to keep your back rigid as opposed to extending it) to unfurl your back (slow and often not possible with top end weights) to finish the lift off or rebending your knees and hitching it...

I may now be rambling...

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