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» Powerlifting Kit (Go to post)11-08-2009 @ 16:32 
PorkPie said:

Think again.

Strongmen are just powerlifters with I said, if I keep injury free (pipe dream!) and comps aren't too close together it should work out ok......probablyRoll-Eyes
» Powerlifting Kit (Go to post)11-08-2009 @ 15:16 
No, think they will compliment long as I can avoid injury.......we'll see, it may be that one will have to give way, but I'll give both a try next year and take it from there.
» Powerlifting Kit (Go to post)11-08-2009 @ 15:06 
buzz said:
Is that Bruce??

I sell wraps at and will be introducing more (singlets, slips, socks, slippers, bigger range of wraps (Titan as well as APT)) over the next couple of months.

Aye its me!! I'll be in touch once I get a few pointers.Wink
» Powerlifting Kit (Go to post)11-08-2009 @ 15:04 
Thanks Carl, I should have said I'm heading over to Houston next Month so sourcing isn't a problem, its what Kit is generally thought highly of and possibly just as important what I should avoid.
» Powerlifting Kit (Go to post)11-08-2009 @ 14:59 
After a 12 year lay off I’m aiming to make my way back into Powerlifting, all the kit (suits, Shirts, wraps…etc.) has moved on dramatically during my absence and I was wondering what you all would suggest is the best (GBPF) available. I'll be in the 125's if that makes any difference.
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