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» Deadlift grip question (Go to post)21-05-2007 @ 10:24 
i have read about some osteopath or chiro saying that he can always see which way around the patient holds his grip on deadlifts by just looking at their back.

This dosn't surprise me, but it would feel very strange to alter my grip nowdays! I think as long as you do plenty of upper back work any imbalances won't be fatal Tongue
» Andy Bolton 8 Page Interview + Routines (Go to post)21-05-2007 @ 10:21 
The bodybuilding stuff is interesting but I am guessing it's as much for recovery as for anything else (as someone else mentioned).

As for sq + dl on same day, thats pretty similar to how I train. For me there's no way I could deadlift heavy then a few days later squat heavy too. I much prefer to do all my serious sq/dl training done on the one day.

However I wasn't impressed by the beginers routine.
» Iain's Training (Go to post)18-05-2007 @ 12:12 
Well I have only just started an on line journal on another site (power and bulk)but starting to feel at home in here so I'll start one here

Little about myself lifting wise;

Beginner powerlifter competing at 90kg class unequipped for BWLA. Best lifts after 2 comps are; sq-215, bp-142.5, dl-260 and best total-610.

Goal of 620+ at British Unequipped in Sept. Long term goal of 700 in the same class.

My training has been heavily influenced by the conjagte method as expoused by Tate et al.

I cycle 3 weeks of training with 1 week de-load. Each week I'll have 4 sessions 2 max effort and 2 assistance sessions. For sq/dl training I rotate between a ME movment for squat and DE pulls and visa versa. For bench I do ME on mondays then do some lighter benching or speed work later on in the week. Extra sq/dl training consists of mostly pre-hab type movements for lower back and single leg lifts. When I remember I try and do some grip work mostly with Rolling thunder (pb-67.5) and grippers (pb-IM2 x 3). My main limiting factor to my training volume is a build up of scar tissue, form old injury, lying under my biceps in both arms. It ends up acting like a form of tendonitis and it dosn't like benching or squating lol! Which is tough cuz I like both!!

Anyway I am finishing of a de-load week but the following is the last few weeks or so of my current training cycle

Fri 27/4/07
ME Squat
Squat- 180x1, 190x1, 200x1, 210x1 (new gym pb)
DE Deadlift- 180 + belted light band x3x3
Abb work

Mon 30/4/07
ME Bench press
Floor press (pinky on power ring grip)- 130x1, 140x1, 145x1(=pb), 147.5x0
3-Board press (max legal width grip)- 160x3x2
Dumbell rows- 40x10, 52.5x10, 57.5x9-12x3
Seated dumbell cleans- 12.5x10x3
Band stretching/traction/mobility

Thurs 3/5/07
SE Bench press
Bench press- 115x2x6 (pinky grip), 115x2x6 (max grip) [115 approx 80%1RM]
Corner barbell press- 20x10, 30x10, 40x10
One arm pulldowns- 3-5x4
Bent over raises- 10x10x2

Mon 7/5/07
ME Bench press
Pin press (2/3ROM)- 140x1, 150x1, 160x1, 165x0, 150x2
Seated shoulder press (off pins- full ROM)- 100x3x2, 80x6
Dumbbell row- 50x8, 60x6x2 (grip going for some reason)
Machine one arm row- lots of sets with reps 8-12
Seated dumbbell cleans- 10x10x2

ME Deadlift 4/5/07
Platform pull (standing on 2x20kg plates)- 210x1, 220x1, 230x1, 240x1 (pb)
Platform SLDL- 180x3x3
Abbs- some half arsed crunches and leg raises, I was beat!!!

8/5/07 SQ/DL Assistance
Cable pullthroughs- 10x3
Step ups- 10x3
Standing cable crunches- 10x4
Gripper work- RHand- IM 2 x3x2 (couple of mm from closing each rep), IM 1 1x10, LHand- HG 250 x3, IM 1x3, IM T x10

10/5/07 Assistance bench
Dumbell floor presses- 30x20, x13, x10
Band presses- light bandx15x2
One arm band pulldowns- doubled light bandx10x3
Face pulls- 10x3
Band pressdowns- light bandx20x2
Hammer curls- 10x20, x15
Band traction and mobility

11/5/07 ME Squat
Low Box squat- 170x1, 180x1, 185x1, 190x1, 195x1, 200x1 (new pb)
(3" below paralell - Newcastle Brown Ale beer crate)

DE deadlift- 140, 150, 160, 170, 180 x3, 190x3 (slowed down), 200x3 (not speed work any more!)

Lying band knee raises- light bandx15x2
Seated cable crunch- 10x2

This week has been just light rep work and am not going to bother writing it down!

Back training heavy nxt mon where I should be taking a weight in the bench
» Sugden Barbell PB Chart (Go to post)18-05-2007 @ 11:59 
I think people are right in that you would'nt want too mnay odd lifts cluttering up the page. Maybe Rob could come up with 5-8 ideas and then everyone could vote for the one they would like to see up? The 2-3 with most votes could be posted up? Democracy in action!!
» Just a quick hello (Go to post)18-05-2007 @ 11:53 
"upholland is pretty much where catts gym is, and only 10 mins from my house, where do you live now ?"

Small world. I moved down south to Hampshire 16 years age! Have lived near or in Southampton (where I am living now) or in West Sussex where I went to uni and now work. I would move up north like a shot though given the chance! Not that down south is bad (many great friends are southeners) but prefer the general atmosphere in north west, and hills I miss hills!! I could also watch my RL team play. Wigan off course!

My Nan lives in Tontine though and we normally go up once a year. I'll have to bring my gym kit next time I am up Happy
» Sugden Barbell PB Chart (Go to post)17-05-2007 @ 18:05 
Pin pulls (knee weight)?

I thought of some kind of rowing movment but would probably have to get too specific in terms of body position etc
» Just a quick hello (Go to post)17-05-2007 @ 18:03 
Hi guys!

You have a good old site here!

I would love to train with a group of like minded people like yourselves. Normally on my own or with general fitness types.

Was brought up not a million miles away down the rd from Wigan in Uphollond.
» Just a quick hello (Go to post)17-05-2007 @ 17:44 
Hello and Hi!

Got the link to this site from MT and PLUK. Recoginse a few user names and some of you I'll see at Britsh Unequipped in Sept. Thats if they every finalise the venue!

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